PostgreSQL for business intelligence and mass data analysis




3 days

Dates & Duration

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This course takes 3 days with 8 hours each (on site) or 4 hours each (online).
The only difference is that there will be less practical exercises in an online course. However, we will hand them over to you and you can still do them on your own and ask our consultants for feedback or help if needed.


During this course you will learn how to use PostgreSQL for business intelligence related tasks. You will learn to write sophisticated SQL and see how the database system can be scaled up to BI needs.

Available Languages

This course can be held in English and German.

Contents of this course

Database Design

  • Preparing data structures for analysis
  • Data structures for data warehousing

Importing data

  • Bulk loading
  • LOGGED vs. UNLOGGED tables
  • Tuning imports

Analytics and windowing functions

  • Simple windows (rank, dense_rank, etc.)
  • Frame clauses and sliding windows
  • Performance tuning

Serverside business logic

  • Including server side modules
  • Data mining with PL/R

Performance tuning

  • PostgreSQL for business intelligence
  • Detecting and optimizing slow queries
  • Optimizing large queries


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