PostgreSQL Practice Workshop




On demand


3 days

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This course is especially suitable for database administrators (Linux / Windows / Solaris / Mac OS X) and sysadmis, with less time, who cannot attend the 5 days training.


Installing PostgreSQL

  • Creating database instances
  • Creating databases
  • Encoding issues

Using indexes

  • Simple btree indexes
  • Full Text search

Understanding transactions

  • Concurrency issues
  • Using savepoints
  • PostgreSQL locking behavior
  • Transaction isolation

MVCC and space management

  • Understanding MVCC
  • PostgreSQL disk layout
  • VACUUM: Reclaiming space
  • Autovacuum

PostgreSQL monitoring

  • Understanding PostgreSQL system tables
  • PostgreSQL system statistics
  • Creating logfiles

Windowing and analytics

  • Analyzing data
  • Using analytics

PostgreSQL performance tuning

  • Tweaking checkpoints
  • Configuring shared_buffers
  • Additional memory parameters

Backup and recovery

  • Running backups

PostgreSQL stored procedures

  • Writing SQL functions
  • Using PL/pgSQL
  • Working with triggers
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