The easiest way from Oracle to PostgreSQL

Escape the cost-intensive Oracle license trap! PostgreSQL saves your company substantial costs. The CYBERTEC Migrator allows you to migrate your databases to PostgreSQL rapidly and smoothly- with the highest possible security and the lowest possible downtime. 


Get a quick estimate of the effort to migrate your database to PostgreSQL through the ATROPOSS project website, partnered with Microsoft. A fantastic toolthe Database Migration Assessment module, will allow you to rapidly assess how much effort Oracle to PostgreSQL migration will cost your company. It’s easy to use, just import your SQL- it works right in the browser and no external resources are necessary.

Choose the CYBERTEC Migrator Edition that’s right for you


Easy, visually guided migration for databases without SLA’s – meaning a longer period of downtime is OK


Migration for performance-intensive projects with SLA’s (but a few hours of downtime is permissible)


Migration for databases with High Availability (Downtime needs to be in minutes, not hours)

Key Features

We work on Oracle -> PostgreSQL migration projects every day. That’s why we needed to develop an application which enables a convenient, rapid and secure migration – even for the most demanding and/or intricate of projects. Benefit from the following tried-and-true features as you migrate your databases to PostgreSQL:

  • Easy installation
  • Convenient Graphical User Interface (GUI) for customizing and testing the migration
  • Complete database schema migration
  • High-speed data migration
  • Easy rollout of the migration in production environments
  • Audit-proof migration log for download and archiving
  • Nearly-zero-downtime migration for high availability databases
  • Kubernetes & OpenShift ready
  • … and much more

The migration with our CYBERTEC Migrator is that easy! See for yourself and watch our tutorials on YouTube!

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More Information

How the CYBERTEC MIGRATOR works – the Migration Process

Our application is built to accompany you through the migration journey. The CYBERTEC Migrator is extremely user-friendly and, in addition to the graphical interface, has a guided step-by-step setup to prepare your databases for data transfer.


If all else fails and you get stuck, we are ready to assist you. Our team and our experience assure you the best possible results.

    FREE download of the CYBERTEC Migrator Trial Edition

    Databases can easily be migrated with the Trial Edition (for databases that don’t have Service Level Agreements or SLAs bound to customer applications). Request the download link by email in the form below. Try out all the features of the Migrator with a test database, and decide later if you need to upgrade to the Professional or Enterprise Edition.

    Please note: You may request the download link only once per email address. We will send release updates to the email address provided on a regular basis. You may cancel your newsletter subscription at any time.

    More resources and instructions

    We at CYBERTEC are proud to release the CYBERTEC Migrator Trial Edition. Read more about the history of the CYBERTEC Migrator, the installation itself and planned functions. Or switch directly to the offline installation guide. Learn how to get the best out of the CYBERTEC Migrator in our latest blog posts. Stay tuned and get useful tips and tricks.


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    We are here to help you! If you have any kind of problem with your migration, please visit our customer support portal.

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