Cybertec offers an easy-to-use module to allow efficient PostgreSQL – Matlab integration. We offer PostgreSQL users, who want to connect Matlab and PostgreSQL, a daemon which can be accessed from PostgreSQL.

High-performance and scientific computing

Matlab is an industry-standard commercial tool for higher mathematics. It is perfectly suitable for  a variety of different everyday problems you will face in finance, engineering, science, and technology. A tight integration of PostgreSQL and Matlab will give your business an extra performance boost.

How does it work

Using our module is simple indeed:

  • fire up the pg_matlab daemon
  • write your Matlab code
  • compile it
  • write a simple SQL wrapper
  • enjoy your new Matlab routine inside PostgreSQL

NOTE: pg_matlab is not a traditional stored procedure language. Your Matlab code has to be converted to C code and compiled from there. Matlab will do the conversion to C for you.

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Matlab Download

The download of matlab is free and can be used freely under the Matlab terms of use.



Your Matlab code will be highly efficient because it is not interpreted but compiled on the server side. This will give you a leading edge advantage compared to other solutions.


The Matlab runtime environment is integrated into our module. It can be used freely under the Matlab terms of use. Our module is on top of the Matlab runtime and can be used under the terms of the BSD license.