Remote DBA: More expertise for your database

You don’t want to deal with database administration? It does not pay off to hire a dedicated DBA? We can take over and administer PostgreSQL for you.

CYBERTEC has years of experience in the field of PostgreSQL remote administration. If you just don’t want to deal with the hazards of everyday life – we are here for you, and approach administrative work head on.

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Professional PostgreSQL remote DBA

PostgreSQL is easy to administer. However, it still requires a great deal of expertise to do things the way they are supposed to be done. Administration does not simply mean “fixing” problems once they pop up. It also means preventing bad things from happening, thinking ahead, and planning for the future.

Our team offers various options for remote DBA work, which can be integrated with our support services.

Reduced costs and more database expertise

In many cases it does not pay off to fund a complete DBA team. We will be your database team and help to save costs by reducing staff on site.
Reduce costs by:

  • Increased efficiency
  • Smaller, cheaper teams on your side
  • Faster problem handling
  • Access to more competence

CYBERTEC is not as slow as a large bloated company. We guarantee fast responses, low overhead, direct access to experts, and the availability of highly skilled DBAs. Our aim is to be the fastest and most reliable PostgreSQL company in the world.

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DBA work including 24×7 support

What good is a DBA if he is not available round the clock? Our team will be here for you during day and night. Regardless of your time zone, regardless of your home country or profession – our team serves around the clock and keeps your business running.

CYBERTEC, PostgreSQL services for customers everywhere in the world.

Fully managed PostgreSQL databases

Are you looking for a fully managed PostgreSQL? You want a database, which just works? Contact us today for your personalized offer. We can take over operations and provide you with a fully monitored, perfectly tuned, automatically updated, properly scaled, with a safe backup, and well designed database.

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