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3rd-Level Support for Resellers

3rd-Level Support is addressed to companies who sell products (hardware or software) to their customers that use PostgreSQL as a database. This support variant ensures that you can offer a full SLA to your customers, even if you don’t yet have the necessary know-how. Our experts provide you with the expertise you need to keep an edge over the competition.



CPN (CYBERTEC Partner Network)

If you are a system or software house that wants to offer PostgreSQL to its customers instead of or along with other database systems, we suggest joining the CYBERTEC Partner Network. 


Support for Resellers Services Overview

3rd-Level Support

CPN (Cybertec Partner Network)

Query Tuning











For Resellers only!

Bug fix / Patches

Backup / Restore

Backup / Restore Assistance

DB/OS* Health Check on Request

DB/OS* Health Check Automated / Monthly

PostgreSQL Parameter Tuning

User Management

Tablespace Management

Slow Query Detection

Vacuum Tuning

Monitoring / Alerting

PostgreSQL Update*

PostgreSQL Upgrades*

PostgreSQL Deployment*


DB Security Check

Trouble Shooting

PostgreSQL Packaging (RPM, DEB)


Extended Product Support***

Drivers for C, Python,…

* needs to be planned at least 4 weeks ahead
** needs to be planned at least 2 days ahead
*** Please see “Product Support“; Additionally: Patroni (vip-manager, haproxy), pgbackrest, pgbouncer, contrib, PostGIS


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Our Support Channels, SLA and Response Times

Read more about our various support channels, service level agreements and response times for support issues.



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