Migrate to PostgreSQL and reduce TCO by 80%




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Free Webinar about migrating from Oracle to PostgreSQL

There are several highly beneficial reasons to migrate to PostgreSQL: to save on high license costs and to avoid vendor lock-in. PostgreSQL is also the most advanced open source database system on the market – which means you benefit from a technical point of view when migrating to PostgreSQL, too.

By migrating to PostgreSQL, companies can markadly reduce their total cost of ownership by up to 80%. But saving on license costs is only one factor that determines the total cost of ownership; there are also support and labor costs that come into play, which are other areas where PostgreSQL will excel and drive your business even farther.



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Since its founding in the year 2000, CYBERTEC has offered comprehensive migration services as well as a high-performing migration tool chain. We help customers to facilitate the entire migration process in the fastest way possible and provide everything that is needed to successfully conclude migration projects.

With our many years of experience, we want to share some essential insights with you: What is important when migrating to PostgreSQL? What are the main pain points where PostgreSQL can best provide relief? We will tell you how to tune your target systems to maximum performance and how to handle database hardening.

Join our free webinar to learn more about migration to PostgreSQL, why you should migrate NOW and how CYBERTEC makes the migration as easy, comfortable and efficient as possible.


The webinar will take place as follows: 2020-11-26, 3.00 pm CET (in English Language)

Duration: 1 hour

Registration for the webinar: Participation is only possible after successful registration!


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