CYBERTEC offers a variety of free tools and extensions for PostgreSQL  that have been designed to help our customers and to make daily work with PostgreSQL even more productive and fun. On this page you will find a list of our most popular tools.

1. pg_timetable

Advanced Job Scheduling

PG Timetable (“pg_timetable”) is a PostgreSQL job scheduler developed by CYBERTEC. It offers cutting edge flexibility and a large variety of features.

PG Timetable - Jpb Scheduling for PostgreSQL


2. pg_show_plans

Monitoring PostgreSQL execution plans

pg_show_plans on tasuta PostgreSQL tööriist, mis võimaldab teil täitmisplaane reaalajas jälgida. Siiani polnud SQL-i välja töötamise ajal päringuplaane võimalik jälgida. Pg_show_plans kasutuselevõtuga need piirangud kaotatakse. Nüüd näete täpselt, mis teie serveris toimub – reaalajas ja reaalajas.



3. PGWatch

Enterprise PostgreSQL Monitoring

PGWatch on CYBERTECi poolt välja töötatud monitoorimis- ja visualiseerimislahendus PostgreSQL andmebaasidele. See paindlik ha iseseisev jälgimisriist viib PostgreSQL jälgimise järgmisele tasemele.



4. pg_squeeze

Shrinks tables better than VACUUM

Managing storage well is one of the key factors to achieving good PostgreSQL overall database performance. While VACUUM does a good job and helps reclaim storage space, freeing up space and shrinking a table can be useful. VACUUM FULL will shrink your table but it also requires a table lock, which can be a death sentence for a productive live application. pg_squeeze has been developed to help people re-organize their tables and shrink them without having to worry about long table locks.



5. Walbouncer

Transaction log filtering

PostgreSQL streaming replication uses the transaction log of the database to move data around. Unfortunately, streaming replication only works if the entire database instance is replicated. However, in many cases this is not needed and replicating all the data is not an option. walbouncer allows you to attach to the transaction log and filter its content so that only parts of a database instance (a database, a tablespace, or a table) are replicated.



6. PGConfigurator

Visual PostgreSQL Configuration

CYBERTEC PGConfigurator on tasuta veebitööriist. See võimaldab kasutajatel konfigureerida PostgreSQL kiiresti, lihtsalt ja ennekõike graafiliselt. PostgreSQLi optimeerimine pole kunagi olnud lihtsam. Postgresql.confi optimeeritud seaded genereeritakse teie sisendandmetest automaatselt lühikese aja jooksul. Võite istuda ja vaadata!

PG Configurator


7. ora_migrator

Migrating from Oracle to PostgreSQL

ora_migrator is a PostgreSQL plugin for db_migrator that uses oracle_fdw to migrate an Oracle database to PostgreSQL. The migration process will be done via a simple command line interface.



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