Spatial Data Assessment Package

Take the opportunity to discover unused Spatial Data potentials in your company. With our Spatial Data Assessment Package, our experts will not only help you to identify undiscovered potentials in your data but will also develop concrete approaches on how to give your company the best advance in the field of spatial data, in cooperation with you.

What is an Assessment Package?

The Spatial Data Assessment Package is designed to get a first understanding of the use of spatial data in your company. Together with one of our consultants, spatial potentials will be identified and strategies to use them will be developed.

Structure & Process

After booking a Spatial Data Assessment Package, one of our CYBERTEC experts will provide you with one day of guidance on your opportunities in the field of spatial data and applications. We will take your capacities and infrastructure into account and work out suitable concepts for your company.


The package includes one day of consulting (max. 8 hours). The morning is used for the analysis of the current situation and data as well as the identification of potentials. Furthermore you will get an short introduction in spatial data and applications. In the afternoon, the more practical part takes place, in which strategies for handling the potentials are developed in dialogue and then described in a project portfolio.


  1. Understanding of the Client's Business
  2. Identification of Data science Potentials
  3. Data Assessment
  4. Prioritized List of Data Science Projects

The following services are included in our assessment package:

  • Assessment on available data
  • Identification of relevant potentials
  • Introduction of spatial data and applications
  • Information about Open vs. Closed Data
  • Projectlist

Remote or on-site

We can also visit you personally to get a deeper insight into your company.


Morning: Overview & Analysis

First of all we get an overview about your company, your business models and your data. Furthermore you will get an introduction into spatial data and applications from one of our consultants.

Are there any existing problems that can be solved by using spatial data? Are there any fields in which the use of spatial applications can add value? If you have already identified such potentials yourself, this is even better. We provide assistance in designing the optimal solution to get the most out of your data.

In the following, we will turn our attention to existing data and its possible usage. It may also be possible to discover new data sources to benefit from in the future. Of course, we take the company’s infrastructure and budget as well as internal regulations into account.

Afternoon: Your project portfolio

In the second part of our Assessment Package, we will work with you to get an overview of the opportunities and potentials that have been identified previously. You will receive recommendations for the usage of spatial data and applications. In cooperation with you, we will develop possibilities regarding architecture and implementation.

At the end of this process we will have a project portfolio, which includes all identified potentials to use spatial data in your company.


€ 790,- for the total assessment package (excl. VAT, duration: max. 8 hours)

plus travel expenses if the assessment is to be held on site instead of remotely.

GIS Training

If you want to get an overview of the potentials that are possible by using spatial data and applications, then take a look at our GIS course.

Contact us

Contact us now to receive your personal offer for a Spatial Data Assessment Package. CYBERTEC offers a professional work and promp delivery. 

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