Our mission

Our mission is to help companies worldwide make their database management as easy, uncomplicated, cost-effective, and innovative as possible in order to generate the optimum benefit from their data.

For over 20 years, CYBERTEC has been a premier consulting company that provides open-source database PostgreSQL. You can trust that your database management needs are in good hands. The team is dedicated to staying ahead of the curve in the ever-evolving world of technology, ensuring that clients have access to the most innovative and effective solutions on the market. Whether you're looking to migrate to PostgreSQL or optimize your database performance, CYBERTEC has the expertise and resources to help you achieve your goals.

The international team of experts can help companies generate sustainable added value from their data and is available to them 24/7 for technical backup. As CYBERTEC wants to be a single source all-in-one IT service provider, we offer a wide range of products and services.

Our values

What is the most important thing about CYBERTEC? The people!

We place a high value on a flat hierarchy and a team-based culture that emphasizes employee participation. We believe in our employees and place a lot of trust in them. We value go-getters who want to truly listen to our customers and make a difference for them. As a member of a small but growing company, your voice will be heard and appreciated. 

"We hire the best people, and the best people can be found in any culture. Diversity does not have to be promoted; it is there by default if everybody is treated with equal importance." 

What you are particularly good at will bring you joy

At CYBERTEC, we are committed to fostering a culture of personal growth and development for our employees. Through comprehensive on-the-job training, a diverse range of further education opportunities, and abundant in-house career options, we empower our team to reach their full potential.

"Every member of the team brings a passion and enthusiasm to their work that is infectious. We believe in doing what we love, and at CYBERTEC, we have the freedom to pursue our passions every day."

Prioritizing open communication with clients and suppliers, ensuring that our values are not just words on a page, but principles that guide our actions. At CYBERTEC, we strive to embody our values in everything we do and are dedicated to instilling these values in every employee.

CYBERTEC stands for a commitment to personal growth, a passion for our work, and a dedication to living our values every day.

The Experts

Consulting at the highest level
Long-standing expertise
Global network

Flexible & reliable

The Visionaries

Passion for research & dev't

Flexible & individual

The Implementers

Efficient operations
Customer-oriented processing
There's no such thing we can't

Reliable & individual


At the heart of our headquarter in Wöllersdorf lies a commitment to environmental sustainability. Our state-of-the-art photovoltaic system and heat pump are a statement to our dedication to minimizing our environmental impact. By harnessing renewable energy sources, we strive to meet all our electricity needs in a sustainable and eco-friendly manner.

Surrounded by lush trees and green spaces, our headquarters exude a peaceful connection with nature. The minimal footprint of our property reflects our unwavering commitment to preserving a green oasis at the core of our operations.

Energy-saving appliances and smart home functions not only contribute to cost savings but also play a crucial role in environmental conservation. We place great emphasis on making a meaningful impact in this realm, benefiting not only ourselves but also the wider community. 

ISO 27001

For many companies, working with ISO/IEC-certified IT service providers is an important criterion when selecting their partners. With the recently acquired ISO/IEC 27001:2022 certification, we can now meet even the most critical procurement requirements.

In concrete terms, this means even more security for you!

Check the validity of our certificate here with the following validation code: 27FC799F-7BC

Our milestones


Organisation and offices

Headquartered in Austria, the company also has offices in Estonia, Poland, South Africa, Switzerland and Uruguay.

map offices

CEO & founder – Hans-Jürgen Schönig

CEO Hans-Jürgen Schönig

Hans-Jürgen Schönig has worked with PostgreSQL since the 90's. He is the CEO and technical lead of CYBERTEC PostgreSQL International, a market leader in the field. He's served countless customers around the globe since the year 2000. He is also the author of the well-received "Mastering PostgreSQL" book series, as well as several other books about PostgreSQL replication and administration.

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