Postgresql replication

If you are looking into PostgreSQL replication, load balancing, and pooling, there are many solutions in the PostgreSQL world than can help you achieve your goal. There is no single solution to fit all requirements. End users can choose from a variety of PostgreSQL replication, failover and pooling solutions. We are happy to help with choosing the right method & tools.

PostgreSQL clustering und failover

Is downtime simply not acceptable and do you need high availability for your PostgreSQL database? Our experts have years of experience in PostgreSQL and have built countless HA-solutions for customers around the globe. If you are looking for automated failover and clustering, we are happy to help.

High availability with Patroni

CYBERTEC recommends a combination of Patroni and vipmanager when it comes to failover and high availability for your PostgreSQL database. Patroni is an Open Source Cluster-Technology, which takes care of automatic failover and high availability of your PostgreSQL database. The Patroni-Clusters are very easy to set up and to use. Ensure high availability of your database with Patroni!

PostgreSQL synchronous and asynchronous replication

PostgreSQL offers synchronous, as well as asynchronous replication. The user can decide which way to replicate. Various methods are available and with the introduction of PostgreSQL 10.0 there are even so-called quorum-COMMITs.
If you are uncertain about which replication method to use, we are happy to help.

Scaling with PL/Proxy

PL/Proxy is the traditional way to scale out PostgreSQL. The idea behind PL/Proxy is to provide a stored procedure language that was only there to scale out close to infinity. For many years PL/Proxy was the key to scaling OLTP beyond a single machine.

Professional help

Contact us today to receive your personal offer from CYBERTEC. We offer timely delivery, professional handling, and 20 years of PostgreSQL experience.

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