Problem-free databases with the best PostgreSQL support possible

Choose from three types of packages to get the PostgreSQL support that truly meets your needs. You can further enhance your selected package with specialized add-on features. But that’s not all! Take your database performance to the next level by ordering the new consultant-supervised recommendation engine, which is proven to minimize the number of PostgreSQL support tickets.

  • Standard: This is the lightweight option that offers fundamental security.
  • Pro: The professional solution tailored for medium-sized customers.
  • Enterprise: The high-scalability solution designed for enterprise-grade requirements.


Bug Fixes for PostgreSQLyesyesyes
Supported PostgreSQL version7 years7 yearsunlimited (no outphasing)
Ticket Systemnoyesyes
Number of Ticketsto be agreed onto be agreed onto be agreed on
Support for emergency restorenoyesyes
PostgreSQL in Dockeryesyesyes
Remote loginnonoyes
Slow query tuningnonoyes*
Default response time1h45min30min
Support times8×58×524×7


*for business critical slow queries causing

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What makes us unique is that we have the entire toolchain people will need to run PostgreSQL.

PostgreSQL Support Toolchain

Because prevention is better than fixing

Get rid of critical tickets! Composed of various self-developed tools, the Support Toolchain is able to monitor your database and to track your infrastructure in order to predict failure. Opt in for the Support Toolchain and get notified as soon as the engine detects potential problems. And just to be on the safe side: the fix will get implemented only with the customers approval.

Components & Technologies

The engine-infrastructure consists of the following self-developed-tooling:

  • pgwatch2: Enterprise monitoring and metric collection
  • pg_deep_thinker: We generate professional advice and compile recommendations to make your database work more efficiently.
  • CRE (CYBERTEC recommendation engine): Deep query inspection and time series analysis engine
  • pg_permissions: Automatic permission monitoring and divergence detection

The consultant-supervised recommendation engine tells you what you really need to know: Change column order, create or drop indexes, change runtime parameters or rewrite a query. Benefit from real, professional advice which is then cross checked by real humans to achieve maximum efficiency.

Remote Login Handling and Support Channels

Support can be offered through every desired system or channel. Reach out an issue via ticket system, hotline, per email or Slack.

Postgresql Support Channels - Emergency Hotline, Ticketing System, Email Support

EMERGENCY PostgreSQL Support

Dial +43 2622 93022-0 for 24/7 emergency help