CYBERTEC is your perfect PostgreSQL support partner – we’ve been in the professional PostgreSQL business since the year 2000. We provide services to customers worldwide. Our experienced support team can handle the full range of technical issues and help you whenever you need it – quickly and reliably.

Find out the difference true competence makes with CYBERTEC as your PostgreSQL support partner. When you choose CYBERTEC support, you save time, money, and avoid hassles. With many different levels of support and a wealth of experience at your service, you’ll find the support package that fits your needs. From small companies to large enterprises with hundreds of databases, our experts have seen it all. You can plan with confidence with CYBERTEC support on your side. Check out our support plans below to see which one is right for you:

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Standard PostgreSQL Support

Our standard support packages include:

  • product support
  • 9/5 basic support
  • 24/7 basic support
  • 24/7 enterprise support



Advanced PostgreSQL Support

Our advanced support packages include up to full DBA service:

  • 9/5 Remote DBA
  • 24/7 Remote DBA
  • 9/5 Dedicated DBA
  • 24/7 Cloud-based Support 



Support for Resellers

This section is for resellers only. Our support offers for resellers include:

  • 3rd-Level Support
  • CPN (CYBERTEC Partner Network)



Which is the right support option for you and your company?

Contact us, we’ll be happy to advise you.

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CYBERTEC Support Channels – your PostgreSQL support partner

You can reach our experts through several different channels. We support you in the way that suits you best and offer you support that’s tailored to your needs. Our experience makes the difference.

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