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A PostgreSQL migration not only cuts costs, it brings big advantages in flexibility. Why do so many enterprises and organizations migrate from Oracle, Informix, IBM DB2, MS SQL, EDB, Maria DB or MySQL to PostgreSQL? Many companies refuse to pay high license fees, which are common for commercial closed-source providers. There are also many enterprises that migrate to PostgreSQL because of its adaptability – a big technical plus for your organization.

PostgreSQL is the most advanced open source database system on the market and is a firmly established global relational database – voted Database System of the Year several times.  PostgreSQL is highly reliable, stable, scalable and secure, developed by a large global community, and constantly evolves to better fit the changing needs of the marketplace.

I believe that the strongest demand for PostgreSQL will come from big enterprises struggling to get rid of legacy database software such as Oracle, MS SQL and so on. We provide all the tooling people will need to make the transition and to run things in the new infrastructure.
– Hans-Jürgen Schönig, FOUNDER & CEO OF CYBERTEC


CYBERTEC offers comprehensive migration services. We help customers to facilitate the entire migration process in the fastest way possible. We provide everything that is needed to successfully conclude migration projects and make the whole process as easy and smooth as possible – regardless of what database management system you are currently using.

Migration Service

CYBERTEC Migration Services include:

  • Migration assessment
  • Advanced planning
  • Comprehensive migration of data structures, table content, indexes and constraints
  • Automatic stored procedure conversion
  • Close-to-zero downtime migration
  • Support and consulting during migration

1. Migration from Oracle to PostgreSQL

Oracle has changed its licensing policy and tries to squeeze increasingly more money out of existing customers. Those customers who are relying on virtualized infrastructures have especially faced increasing pain recently. Licensing costs have reached a breaking point and many customers just don’t want to take the pain anymore.

So why stay with Oracle and burn hundreds of thousands or even millions for no reason? There is no answer to this question, from our point of view.

You can really save money by moving to PostgreSQL. This is not just shiny marketing talk – it is real! We have more information about how to migrate from Oracle to PostreSQL in this article.

Easy and rapid migration to PostgreSQL – CYBERTEC Migrator

You can also use CYBERTEC Migrator to run your migrations in a simple and more importantly, user-friendly way. The CYBERTEC Migrator is an easy to use application with a user-friendly interface, which supports large enterprises in an efficient and structured migration from Oracle databases to PostgreSQL. A visual monitoring dashboard allows to keep an overview of the entire migration process.

2. Migration from MySQL / MariaDB to PostgreSQL

MySQL and MariaDB are popular databases, which have been widely adopted. However, since Oracle has taken over MySQL, many people have moved to alternative platforms. Some have moved to MariaDB while others have fortunately found their way to PostgreSQL.

PostgreSQL has always been the more powerful and the more professional database, which offers way more features than MySQL and MariaDB.

If you are sick and tired of

  • MySQL / MariaDB ignoring CHECK constraints
  • The lack of advanced features (advanced analytics, ordered sets, advanced indexing, etc.)
  • Poor support for DDLs

and if you are looking for a more professional database, read our article about migrating from MySQL and MariaDB to PostgreSQL.

3. Migrating other systems

CYBERTEC migrates all kinds of database systems to PostgreSQL. If you are not an Oracle or MySQL / MariaDB user, you can still enjoy our services and move to an advanced product such as PostgreSQL.

The following list of database systems is far from complete, but shows what can be done to move to PostgreSQL:

  • Migrating from DB2 LUW to PostgreSQL
  • Migrating from Informix to PostgreSQL
  • Migrating from Microsoft SQL Server to PostgreSQL
  • Migrating from Sybase to PostgreSQL
  • Migrating from EDB to PostgreSQL

We are also glad to support people moving from a NoSQL database to PostgreSQL:

  • Moving from MongoDB to PostgreSQL
  • Moving from CouchDB to PostgreSQL
  • Moving from Cassandra to PostgreSQL

If your database has not been listed, feel free to contact us at any time to get in touch with our experts.

Professional help

Contact us today to receive your personal offer from CYBERTEC. We offer timely delivery, professional handling, and 20 years of PostgreSQL experience.

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