PostgreSQL Optimization & Security

Is your database not running smoothly or are you struggling with security issues? Our experts first analyze problems & optimization potentials within a health check or security audit and then also gladly take care of the implementation.


Our experts are happy to take a look at your database and identify potential problems in terms of performance, security and high availability – regardless of whether your database is currently running smoothly or whether the first problems have already occurred.

Our consultants will take a look at common database weak points and develop ways to keep your database up and running in the future. We are also happy to implement the corresponding recommendations professionally and promptly, if required.


The upgrade from an outdated PostgreSQL version to the latest one poses great challenges as well as resource bottlenecks for many companies, but brings advantages in terms of new features, bug fixes and improved security. CYBERTEC can assist you in performing updates and upgrades – also during non-working hours – in order to avoid interruptions in your business operations.

Whether your goal is to develop a strategy for future updates & upgrades, or whether you want us to handle the actual upgrade for you, our consultants can help in both cases and will ensure a smooth and seamless transition to the new PostgreSQL version.

Our team can assist you with:

  • Development of an appropriate update strategy
  • Choice of the upgrading technique
  • Upgrade with minimal downtime

The advantages of upgrading



Database security is especially important, since databases are very vulnerable when it comes to cyber-attacks. New PostgreSQL versions usually come with updated security features: both new and modern authentication methods and SSL/TLS version support are regularly added. Clearly only those who use new PostgreSQL versions benefit from new security features.


Each new PostgreSQL version brings performance improvements and makes your queries even faster. From a performance point of view, an upgrade pays off in any case.  We have not seen a case in the last few years where a new PostgreSQL version had a negative impact on query performance.


With every release, new features are implemented that are beneficial for both developers and DBA’s. With these features, new improvements can be achieved and problems that previously required a complex solution are now simplified

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Performance Tuning

Our PostgreSQL consultants can advise you on how to optimize your database and make adjustments to improve the overall database performance. If you are looking for a PostgreSQL performance tuning because you simply want a fast, reliable database, we are here to help.

Security Audit

We at CYBERTEC can help to identify security threats and to protect your most valuable asset: your data. In our comprehensive security audit, we review your system, document any vulnerabilities, and recommend ways to secure those weaknesses.

Our PostgreSQL consultants will provide you with guidance on your opportunities for improvement. We’ll take your requirements, capacities and infrastructure into account and work out suitable concepts for your company.

Professional help

Contact us to receive your personal offer from CYBERTEC today. We offer timely delivery, professional handling and over 20 years of PostgreSQL experience.

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