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Our international team of experts are happy to help you add sustainable value to your data. As your full-service IT provider, we offer a wide range of PostgreSQL consulting services – all from a single source.

CYBERTEC offers comprehensive PostgreSQL services that cover everything – migration and infrastructure, replication and development as well as updates & upgrades. We provide our customers with individual consulting packages that include various PostgreSQL services. Our scope of services are not limited to the services listed below – it can be extended depending on your specific setup and requirements.

Consulting Services

20 years of experience in PostgreSQL consulting

Our consultants are experts in their fields. That’s why we can provide our customers with full support in any situation and find suitable solutions for every problem, no matter how complex it may be. Initially, we offer the option of a requirements analysis. Our experts will take a close look at your specific situation and work with you to define your individual service demands. PostgreSQL services can be combined with data science or GIS services.


Requirement analysis

Our PostgreSQL experts will take a close look at your specific situation and work with you to define your individual requirements and service demands. They will give you recommendations and create concepts that refer individually to your requirements. CYBERTEC will also support you every step of the way during the implementation of the concepts we’ve developed.

Within the requirement analysis, among others, the following services can be covered:

PostgreSQL Migration

CYBERTEC offers comprehensive migration services. We help customers to facilitate the entire migration process in the fastest way possible and provide everything that is needed to successfully conclude migration projects. We work hard to make the whole process as smooth and easy as possible – regardless of what database management system you use. Migrate to PostgreSQL and experience superior quality without license fees!

PostgreSQL Infrastructure

PostgreSQL Setup & Installation, automation with Kubernetes and database architecture: CYBERTEC gladly guides you through the definition of your requirements, finds the optimal setup and makes sure that your PostgreSQL Infrastructure meets your needs and expectations.

PostgreSQL Development

Are you dreaming of customized extensions for your company’s PostgreSQL environment, do you want to develop new SQL features yourself, or do you want to perform an internal optimization? If you want to actively create your own patches, our experts are happy to help you with both coding and support.

Update & Upgrade

The upgrade from an outdated PostgreSQL version to the latest one poses great challenges as well as resource bottlenecks for many companies, but brings advantages in terms of new features, bug fixes and improved security. CYBERTEC can assist you in performing updates and upgrades, also during non-working hours, in order to avoid interruptions in your business operations.

Optimization & Security

Is your database not running smoothly or are you struggling with security issues? Our experts first analyze problems & optimization potentials within a health check or security audit and then also gladly take care of the implementation.


If your database suddenly suffers from performance troubles or reports strange error messages, we offer quick and unbureaucratic help with our troubleshooting services. From long-term experience, we know the “usual suspects” that cause problems and thus can quickly identify and fix any problems that occur.

Replication / Patroni

CYBERTEC recommends a combination of Patroni and vipmanager when it comes to failover and high availability for your PostgreSQL database. We also support other solutions for PostgreSQL replication. Our experts will be happy to advise you on which tool is the best solution for your use case.

Spatial Services

CYBERTEC offers comprehensive GIS solutions and spatial services to customers worldwide. GIS data has become more important in recent years and almost all data sets have some sort of spatial information associated with it. CYBERTEC offers all the tools and services to achieve your goals.


The Assessment Packages point out potential use cases for unused data within your company. Our consultants advise you on the possible uses of PostgreSQL, data science and spatial data. We take the specifics of your capacities and infrastructure into account, and work together with you on developing concepts tailored to your company.

A package includes one day of consulting (max. 8 hours). The morning is used for the analysis of your current situation and data, as well as the identification of potentials. In the afternoon, practical strategies for handling the potentials are developed in dialogue with your team and then prioritized within a project portfolio.


Whenever you need advice quickly, we are here for you. Get your consulting pool and book a time contingent that can be used for any of our consulting services – easy & flexible.

Our experts will advise you on all questions regarding your database environment, and actively help you with the implementation of projects.


We are there for our support customers 24/7 and all around the year. Our experienced support team can handle the full range of technical issues and help you whenever needed – quickly and reliably.

Our support models are more than just insurance for critical database issues – we offer troubleshooting, query tuning and much more.


Of course, we are also there for you in case of emergency! With our emergency consulting, you will get unbureaucratic help as quickly as possible.

Please note that we can only offer Emergency Consulting to the extent that the availability and workload of our consultants allow.

Emergency Consulting


To provide perfect consulting services, a lot of experience is needed, which is exactly our strength. Our team of experts have dealt with customers worldwide, coming from a wide range of industries and having totally different requirements for their databases.
Contact us today to receive your personal offer from CYBERTEC.

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