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    CYBERTEC PostgreSQL International GmbH (HQ)

    Römerstraße 19
    2752 Wöllersdorf

    Web: www.cybertec-postgresql.com

    Phone: +43 (0)2622 93022-0
    Fax: +43 (0)2622 93025
    E-Mail: sales@cybertec.at

    UID: ATU61122706

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    CYBERTEC PostgreSQL Switzerland

    Cybertec PG Database Services Switzerland GmbH
    Bahnhofstraße 10
    8001 Zürich

    Phone: +41 43 456 2684
    E-Mail: sales@cybertec.at

    CYBERTEC PostgreSQL Nordic

    Cybertec Nordic OÜ
    Fahle Office
    Tartu mnt 84a-M302
    10112 Tallinn

    Phone: +372 712 3013
    E-Mail: sales@cybertec.at

    CYBERTEC PostgreSQL Poland

    Cybertec Poland Sp. z o.o.
    Aleje Jerozolimskie 93
    HubHub Nowogrodzka Square, 2nd floor
    02-001 Warsaw

    E-Mail: poland@cybertec.at

    CYBERTEC PostgreSQL South America

    Cybertec PG Database Services South America S.A.
    Misiones 1486 oficina 301
    11000 Montevideo

    E-Mail: sales@cybertec.at

    CYBERTEC PostgreSQL South Africa Ltd.

    No. 26, Cambridge Office Park
    5 Bauhinia Street, Highveld Techno Park
    0046 Centurion
    South Africa

    Phone: +27(0)012 880 3270
    E-Mail: africa@cybertec.at

    CYBERTEC PostgreSQL Mauritius Ltd.

    1st Floor, Cezama House
    51A Mere Barthelemy Street
    11201 Port Louis

    Tel.: +230 2085000
    E-Mail: africa@cybertec.at