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Patroni Environment Setup (PES) is a graphical installer for Patroni on Windows which makes it easy to deploy Patroni High Availability.

While there are many different High Availability approaches out there, Patroni is currently one of the most widely-used solutions. Installing Patroni on Linux is pretty simple, but installing it on Microsoft operating systems is still an issue. There are simply too many parts that have to be in place to run Patroni – and many people have found it hard to deploy. We have decided to release our own solution: PES makes the deployment of Patroni on Windows easy, fast and user-friendly.

Windows Node - PES

1. User-friendly graphical interface

PES provides a convenient, user-friendly graphical interface to create cluster topology. With the PES GUI, you only need to set the number of nodes and their essential properties – like name, role (database/etcd/failover) – and you are done!

Later, you can generate the configuration files needed and deploy them to the nodes manually, or use the built-in tethering machinery to push configuration files to the nodes.

Nodes - Patroni Environment Setup

Tethering allows PES instances from several Windows machines to be connected. You can simply start the PES application on every target node, and all of them will be discovered and interconnected in seconds. Tethering allows you to automatically add every node to the node list and generate the configuration in no time.

2. Generating and deploying configuration files

PES allows simultaneous generation and synchronization of configuration files for all cluster nodes. The most complicated task in setting up a patroni cluster is to create a proper configuration for every node in it. Copying and pasting may be cumbersome and lead to errors that are hard to trace.

However, with PES it’s a one-click operation! Proper configuration files for patroni, etcd, and vipmanager are generated on the fly and deployed to the nodes immediately.

Run and Test - Patroni Environment Setup

3. Enhanced components of Windows

PES supplements Patroni with enhanced components not available on Windows. It comes with everything you need to start your cluster. It is made with autonomy in mind, so that you can even use it without an active internet connection. Each release contains the latest supported versions of packages:

  • PYTHON installer
  • PATRONI with all dependent packages
  • ETCD as a distributed consensus store
  • WINSW as a Windows service wrapper for cluster binaries
  • POSTGRESQL binaries
  • VIPMANAGER for virtual IP managing
  • MICRO text editor to be used with patroni_ctl utility
  • PES GUI to manage the cluster set up in a user-friendly way

PES is a highly customizable package. You don’t have to use all of its components if your cluster architecture doesn’t need them. For example, you may skip vipmanager usage if you prefer another routing and/or proxy solution.

It is easy to replace or add components, because PES is Open Source. For example, you may replace PostgreSQL binaries with another version, or even with a custom build like PostgreSQL TDE.


PES is Open Source and can be used freely by everyone. You can download it from our GitHub page. As always, feedback is highly appreciated.


Patroni is an Open Source cluster technology which takes care of automatic failover and high availability for your PostgreSQL database. With Patroni, you can customize and automate PostgreSQL HA (High Availability) clusters. Based on modern consensus algorithms, it ensures high availability of your database and protects you from data loss by deciding which actions to perform in the cluster. Patroni is the optimal technology to ensure high availability for your database.


If you have any questions or want to discuss any details with us in person, feel free to contact us! We offer timely delivery, professional handling, and over 20 years of PostgreSQL experience.

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