It was in the afternoon of Tuesday that my trip commenced from Amsterdam Airport to Franjo Tuđman International Airport in […]
Nowadays, most Debian packages are maintained in Git repositories, with the majority hosted on Debian's GitLab instance at is […]
This article is a kind of failure story. I originally set out to write a piece about the PostgreSQL parameter […]
The day before 2024 in Munich, a few of the Patroni project's contributors met to discuss the past, present […]
As the two talks I had submitted did not get picked for this year´s 2024 in Munich, my prep […]
These days everybody is talking about time series, time series analysis and alike for performance tuning. Analyzing time series data […]
Logging to syslog is not a new PostgreSQL feature at all. Still, I find few people using it, so perhaps […]
PostgreSQL is very good at keeping your data safe so it doesn't disappear by itself. Unfortunately, the same holds in […]
After the pgconfeu23 in Prague - which has been an excellent event - I decided to share some of the […]
How PostgreSQL is destined to make a difference at a European level Why And not just “Why”, but also how. […]
How to check if TDE works? Some days ago a customer asked me how to check if TDE works and […]
This article is dedicated to all the Excel heroes out there who want to integrate and use data stored in […]
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