Keyset pagination is the most performant way to retrieve a large result set page by page. However, the neat trick […]
Artificial Intelligence is the motto of the day. Everybody is talking about it, everybody seems to know what it means […]
I enjoy writing about the technical aspects of PostgreSQL, but occasionally it is good to write about other aspects of […]
Enough has been written about the connection between VACUUM, the visibility map and index-only scans in PostgreSQL. But recently I demonstrated index-only scans […]
PostGIS is getting more and more popular and for good reasons. It benefits from a great community and offers a […]
Last week, I had the privilege to accompany my colleagues, Jan Karremans, Pavlo Golub and Antonin Houska to the 16th […]
Relational databases provide one very essential functionality which is key to integrity, data quality and consistency: foreign keys. If you […]
  Sometimes one of our customers looks at the most time consuming statements in a database (either with pg_stat_statements or […]
It was in the afternoon of Tuesday that my trip commenced from Amsterdam Airport to Franjo Tuđman International Airport in […]
Nowadays, most Debian packages are maintained in Git repositories, with the majority hosted on Debian's GitLab instance at is […]
This article is a kind of failure story. I originally set out to write a piece about the PostgreSQL parameter […]
The day before 2024 in Munich, a few of the Patroni project's contributors met to discuss the past, present […]
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