Introduction to SQL




3 days

Dates & Duration

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This training can also be held at your place or as online training especially for your company. In this case the course agenda can also be adapted to suit your needs best.

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This course takes 3 days with 8 hours each (on site) or 4 hours each (online).
The only difference is that there will be less practical exercises in an online course. However, we will hand them over to you and you can still do them on your own and ask our consultants for feedback or help if needed.


This workshop has been designed for people who want to get in touch with SQL and PostgreSQL. You will learn how to use PostgreSQL and how to write proper SQL statements.

Available Language

This course can be held in English, German, Spanish, Polish, Estonian, Ukrainian and Russian.


Defining tables

  • Creating / dropping tables
  • Using data types
  • Intelligent data structures
  • Normalization
  • ALTER TABLE: Modifying data structures
  • Using schemas


Simple instructions

  • Simple SELECT statements
  • WHERE-conditions
  • Sorting data
  • Limiting output
  • Filtering duplicate entries


  • Inner joins
  • Outer joins

Advanced SQL

  • NULL values
  • Aggregations (sum, count, etc.)
  • Understanding HAVING
  • Subselects
  • Set operations
  • Constraints
  • Integrity constraints and foreign keys
  • Views
  • Using cursors
  • Temporary tables


  • Creating indexes
  • Speeding up queries using indexes
  • Avoiding unnecessary indexes


  • ACID transactions
  • Data security and consistency
  • Locking
  • Savepoints
  • Transaction Isolation
  • Error handling