Machine Learning for decision makers




1 days

Dates & Duration

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This course takes 1 day with 8 hours (on site) or 5 hours (online).
The only difference is that there will be less practical exercises in an online course. However, we will hand them over to you and you can still do them on your own and ask our consultants for feedback or help if needed.


This Machine Learning course is for employees in managerial (technical and non-technical) and non-technical positions willing to deepen their knowledge on the possibilities of Machine Learning and how they can implement it in their own organisation.

Available Languages

This course can be held in English, German and Spanish.

Course outline

  • History and evolution of Machine Learning: Where do we come from and where are we now?
  • Main Machine Learning concepts
  • Introduction to supervised vs unsupervised learning


Supervised learning:

    • Regression
    • Classification
    • Deep Learning
    • Activity: possible applications of regression and classifications


Unsupervised learning:

    • Conceptual introduction
    • Activity: possible applications of unsupervised learning


Other Machine Learning related learning problems:

    • Optimization
    • Sorting
    • Reinforcement learning


Infrastructure in Machine Learning: 

    • Upscaling vs outscaling
    • Distributed computing
    • CPU vs GPU
    • How to estimate resource utilization


From lab to production:

    • Response times
    • Training serving skew
    • Online vs batch prediction


Planning a Machine Learning approach for a specific Use Case.


Final summary, discussion, Q&A, etc.


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