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3 days

Dates & Duration

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This course takes 3 days – 8 hours per day (on site) or 5 hours per day (online).
The only difference is that there will be less practical exercises in an online course. However, we can share them with you so you can do them on your own. You can ask our consultants for feedback or help, if needed.


This course provides a deep insight into advanced PostgreSQL topics like indexing, storage parameters, optimization, replication, monitoring, etc. It covers the technical foundations required for replication, scaling, point-in-time recovery, and the successful operation of synchronous and asynchronous replication solutions. Moreover, details of processing that are essential for optimization and performance tuning are highlighted, so that you can get the most out of your system and queries.

Available Languages

This course can be held in English, German, Spanish, Estonian, Polish, Ukrainian and Russian.


Day 1

  • Installation
  • Advanced psql
  • Advanced indexing: Multi column indexes, GIN indexes, GiST indexes
  • Full text search
  • Exclusion Constraints
  • Range data types
  • Arrays and JSON in the database
  • Transactions: isolation levels, serialization 
  • Prepared transactions, two-phase commit

Day 2

  • Physical Backup: Low-level API
  • Autovacuum: advanced tuning
  • Streaming replication
  • Synchron replication
  • Hot Standby and conflict management 
  • Failover
  • High Availability, Patroni
  • Logical replication

Day 3

  • Partitioning
  • Parallel queries
  • Foreign Data Wrapper
  • Functions
  • Statement tuning: finding slow statements
  • Extended Statistics


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