Big Data Analytics

Big Data has been on everyone’s mind for quite some time. We fully support Big Data analytics and provide modern solutions to store large amounts of structured as well as unstructured data on a large scale. Our solution integrates perfectly into a heterogeneous environment featuring many different technologies in a scalable and reliable way. Integrating various data sources to create additional value.

Handling Big Data - Big Data Analytics

Integration is the key to success and we are the right partner to get the best out of your data.

What is Big Data

Many people talk about Big Data but let us investigate what it really means. “Big” refers to 4 important “Vs”:

  • Volume: Processing potentially huge amounts of detail
  • Velocity: Data is generated at high data rates and transferred quickly
  • Variety: Various types of data
  • Veracity: Authenticity of data

These four topics are key to understanding Big Data.

Process of Big Data Analysis

The way our data scientists handle Big Data Analysis is the following:

Process of Big Data shown as Pyramide - Big Data Analytics
  1. COLLECT DATA: Find out where data is stored within your company and what type of data it is.
  2. CLEAN AND INTEGRATE: In the stage of Data Engineering we need to prepare all the found data of stage one for further analysis. Step one and two take about 80% of the time and effort, as this needs to be done very precisely and faithfully. Up to this stage, most of the work is done already.
  3. MODELING AND ANALYSIS: Now the real math can be done. Algorithms need to be developed and models can be build based on structured data.
  4. BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT: Based on the insights gained with big data analysis, your business is going to improve very quickly.

Big Data Analytics

The first step to success is to establish an efficient platform for Big Data analysis. In the past, many companies decided to use Hadoop, which is a platform to handle unstructured data. However, PostgreSQL offers special data types such as JSON and a lot more to handle unstructured data. Analyzing large amounts of data in SQL is in many cases easier and a lot faster to do than with competing technologies.

Handling Unstructured Data - Big Data Analytics

PostgreSQL offers modern SQL to extract valuable information out of structured as well as unstructured data. Our services include:

Data Science: Giving Meaning to Data

Data is the gold of the future and nothing proves this fact more than the development of company valuations over time:

Valuable Companies - Big Data Analytics

While oil companies were once the dominant players in the league of valuable companies, the picture has completely changed. These days, companies processing data are in the lead.

What does that mean to your business? It means that the importance of data cannot be overstated. Our technology can help you to scale your business.

Your advantages:

  • Collect information in the most efficient way possible
  • Store data safely
  • Improve security and protect assets
  • Get the most out of your data
  • Develop new business models
  • Maximize revenue

Our data science team will make sure that every bit of data is turned into a productive asset, making your business thrive. Integrate your data sources, make full use of Big Data technology and use technologies that make sense for your specific use case – no matter if it is Forex trading, autonomous driving or predictive analytics for clinical trials.

Our data science team will apply cutting edge Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence techniques to truly make your business succeed.

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