High speed data migration: maintaining performance

One of the biggest obstacles faced by people who want to migrate quickly is performance. But your performance doesn’t have to suffer. CYBERTEC Migrator is likely the fastest solution out there to reliably ship data from Oracle to PostgreSQL.

high speed transformation migration from oracle to postgresql

We use state-of-the-art techniques such as parallelization and change data capture to ensure we stay at the cutting edge of technology, performance and quality. Our Migrator is fully Kubernetes and OpenShift ready.

Professional customers demand professional performance

Tests have shown that CYBERTEC Migrator can reach up to 1.5 GB / second, which means that we can migrate terabytes of data in the least possible amount of time. The only probable bottlenecks are the source database, the network and the destination database – fortunately, we know how to handle finicky hardware as well. Experience has shown that our code scales well, and we have helped even Big Data companies to make a smooth transition to PostgreSQL.

The keys to superior migrator performance & high speed data migration

Our performance is good for a reason: 20+ years of expertise have given us the ability to write lightning-speed code. How do you increase the speed of a migration? Using the following keys to superior performance, we deliver a platinum-level, high-speed transfer where others can only provide you with the basics: 

  • Massively parallel data transfer
  • Parallel index creation
  • Concurrent key and constraint deployment
  • Efficient data transfer
    • Hand-optimized C code
    • Battle-tested
    • Big Data-capable

Ensuring quality – protecting data

Data is all about quality and migrations are all about trust, verification and consistency. Thus the CYBERTEC migrator offers techniques to manage faulty data and handle it appropriately. Particularly in regulated environments such as banking and finance, the proper handling of faulty data may even be required by law

Mode of operationdry runmigrate & skip errorzero tolerance migration
data transfer:simulate migrationmigrate correct datamigrate data
handle errors:catch faulty datacatch faulty data.
migrate correct data
stop on error

A “dry run” will allow you to simulate your migration process, and compile a list of faulty rows which would otherwise become a problem in a real migration. Our “dry run” capability will provide you with an easy-to-use data set containing all errors and violations detected by PostgreSQL. 

Often, migrations are relatively fault-tolerant (because only a handful of unimportant rows are broken). In these cases, CYBERTEC Migrator will perform a hyper-speed migration of all the data, and provide you with a list of faulty entries for later inspection.

Zero tolerance migrations will stop in case a faulty row is found. Data is migrated, but the process is stopped immediately as soon as a single broken piece of data is located.

These alternatives in the modes provide you with maximum flexibility to handle data quality without compromising superior migration performance.

Standout performance: CYBERTEC migrator vs Ora2pg

CYBERTEC Migrator has various advantages over ora2pg – advantages which are not solely performance-related. In addition to high speed, we can help reduce downtime by applying intelligent CDC (= change data capture), which allows us to provide a tool offering almost no downtime during migration. This ability really makes us unique in the business spectrum. 

We can therefore claim the fastest possible transition from Oracle to PostgreSQL:

  • High data transfer during migration
  • Lowest possible switchover times

Find out more about “Close-to-zero-downtime migration”.

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