As leading PostgreSQL company with 20 years of experience, we have developed several high-quality products throughout the years. These products support you in working efficiently and organised within your database. We offer professional products for migration, visual monitoring, anonymization in the sense of data protection and many more. Have a look for yourself!

1. CYBERTEC Migrator

The easiest way from Oracle to PostgreSQL

The CYBERTEC Migrator is an easy and user-friendly tool that will help you organise and efficiently migrate multiple Oracle databases to PostgreSQL. In addition to migrating your data professionally and securely with minimum effort, the CYBERTEC Migrator allows you to visually monitor and track the whole process at any time.

CYBERTEC Migrator - from Oracle to PostgreSQL


2. PG Watch

Enterprise PostgreSQL Monitoring

PGWatch is a comprehensive monitoring solution for PostgreSQL. PGWatch includes numerous graphics and dashboards that give you an instant overview of the health and behavior of your servers. Installation is very easy and configuration takes just a few minutes. With this highly user-friendly product, developed by CYBERTEC, you always have a clear overview.

PG Watch Logo


3. Data Masking

Professional anonymization of your data

Data Masking is an extension for PostgreSQL offered by CYBERTEC, with which sensitive data can be protected by anonymization. The anonymization of data is not only useful for investigation purposes, but is now also required by law (keyword: DSGVO). Therefore, with this product CYBERTEC offers a possibility to protect the data of your database professionally.

Data Masking for PostgreSQL


4. PG Neural

Machine Learning for PostgreSQL

Data Science is cutting-edge technology that has been widely adopted by the industry to perform complex tasks such as image recognition, fraud detection or classification. PGNeural is a set of tools that give end users access to modern algorithms and help integrate PostgreSQL with neural networks (e.g. Kohonen networks) and a lot more.

PostgreSQL PG Neural



5. PL/pgSQL_sec

Fully encrypted stored procedures

PostgreSQL allows you to write stored procedures in a number of programming languages such as SQL, PL/pgSQL, PL/Perl, and PL/Python. While it is flexible, PostgreSQL stores the code of a stored procedure as plain text in a system table. If your business logic is secret and you do not want your code to be visible to everyone, PL/pgSQL_sec is exactly what you need. Simply encrypt your code and hide it from people.

PostgreSQL pl_pgSQL_sec - Codes verschlüsseln