Cybertec offers a variety of tools and products that have been designed to help our customers and to make daily work with PostgreSQL even more productive and fun. This page contains an overview of our offerings.

pgwatch2: Enterprise PostgreSQL Monitoring

pg watch2

pgwatch2 is a ready-to-use enterprise-grade monitoring tool for PostgreSQL. It is based on Grafana and has been designed for good end-user usability. All you have to do is to fire up a container, type in a connect string and you are ready to go. pgwatch2 will collect monitoring data and display things in a nice, easy-to-use way. For more information on pgwatch2, click here.

PL/pgSQL_sec: Fully encrypted stored procedures

PostgreSQL allows you to write stored procedures in a number of programming languages such as SQL, PL/pgSQL, PL/Perl, and PL/Python. While it is flexible, PostgreSQL stores the code of a stored procedure as plain text in a system table. If your business logic is secret and you do not want your code to be visible to everyone, PL/pgSQL_sec is exactly what you need. Simply encrypt your code and hide it from people. Find out more here.

pg_squeeze: Shrinks tables better than VACUUM

Managing storage well is one of the key factors to achieving good PostgreSQL overall database performance. While VACUUM does a good job and helps reclaim storage space, freeing up space and shrinking a table can be useful. VACUUM FULL will shrink your table but it also requires a table lock, which can be a death sentence for a productive live application.

pg_squeeze has been developed to help people re-organize their tables and shrink them without having to worry about long table locks. Does that sound interesting? Click here to learn more.

PostgreSQL_fde: Full server encryption

While PostgreSQL supports SSL to encrypt data sent over the wire, on-disk data are not encrypted but stored in the standard PostgreSQL on-disk format. For those customers who need more security, Cybertec offers PostgreSQL_fde, a version of PostgreSQL that provides support for “Full Data Encryption” (often called “data-at-rest encryption”). PostgreSQL_fde will encrypt all your data files, indexes, temporary files, and a lot more.

To learn more about PostgreSQL “Full Data Encryption” click here. LINK FEHLT!!!!!

walbouncer: Transaction log filtering

PostgreSQL streaming replication uses the transaction log of the database to move data around. Unfortunately, streaming replication only works if the entire database instance is replicated. However, in many cases this is not needed and replicating all the data is not an option. walbouncer allows you to attach to the transaction log and filter its content so that only parts of a database instance (a database, a tablespace, or a table) are replicated. Click here to find out more.

pgneural: Bringing machine learning to PostgreSQL

PostgreSQL pg neural

Machine learning is cutting-edge technology that has been widely adopted by the industry to perform complex tasks such as image recognition, fraud detection or classification. pgneural is a set of tools that give end users access to modern algorithms and help integrate PostgreSQL with neural networks (e.g. Kohonen networks) and a lot more. Click here for more information.

pg_matlab: Unleash the power of Matlab in PostgreSQL

Matlab is a software environment for engineers and scientists. It offers countless algorithms to end users. pg_matlab allows you to make use of these algorithms and integrate them into PostgreSQL. Matlab offers a C converter, which is used by pg_matlab to bring your algorithms to PostgreSQL.

If you are a user of Matlab and are using or planning to use PostgreSQL, contact our sales team for more information.

agg: Parallel queries for PostgreSQL 9.5

In PostgreSQL 9.6, the community has introduced parallel queries. In PostgreSQL 9.5 there was no easy way to handle parallelism in PostgreSQL. The agg module helps users enjoy at least some parallelism by running this extension.

Since PostgreSQL 9.6, this module has been obsolete. However, if you are still using PostgreSQL 9.5, contact us to find out more.

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