Monitoring PostgreSQL execution plans

pg_show_plans is a free PostgreSQL tool which allows you to monitor execution plans in real-time. In the past, it was not possible to monitor query plans while the SQL statement was still running. With the introduction of pg_show_plans, these restrictions are lifted. Now you can see exactly what is happening on your server – live and in real-time.


Key features:

  • Inspect execution plans in real-time
  • Support for various output formats (text, JSON, etc.)
  • Support for nested plans


pg_show_plans is available for all recent versions of PostgreSQL ( >= 9.5).

Your advantages:

  • Dissect slow queries while they are still running
  • Real-time insights
  • Easy to use
  • 100% Enterprise ready

Inspecting all active plans

pg_show_plans is a free extension for PostgreSQL which can be downloaded directly from our GitHub page. It uses PostgreSQL core functionality to provide you with all necessary insights.

PG Show Plans: Inspecting all active plans

Data is exposed as a simple view and can be fetched easily. Therefore, pg_show_plans can be attached to any monitoring of your choice. We have already successfully implemented pg_show_plans within our extensive monitoring solution PGWatch.

pg_show_plans: Efficiently stored

Internal executions are efficiently stored in shared memory. This makes it easy and fast to retrieve information, as well as to filter those plans.

PG Show Plans: executions are stored in shared memory

Obtaining pg_show_plans

You can download pg_show_plans for free from our GitHub page. As always, we encourage you to contribute to our Open Source solution and to send patches.


pg_show_plans in action

pg_show_plans in

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