Build your own private cloud with PostgreSQL

Scalefield is a modern and agile hosting platform. It allows you to easily host PostgreSQL clusters within your own private cloud. It’s flexible, scaleable and reliable. Manage and store your data in a highly secure environment.

Redefining PostgreSQL in your private cloud

Businesses are under pressure to cut costs, drive innovation, and to deliver services to internal as well as external customers faster than ever before. The natural solution for many: moving to public clouds. But what if you cannot make use of a public cloud service? What if your data is not allowed to leave your organisation? If your organization is facing challenges like these, you may need a private cloud. Take a look at the advantages we provide.

Your advantages with Scalefield:

advantages of using postgresql private cloud

Our “turnkey solution” allows you to implement your own private cloud in no time. The software relies on innovative technology such as Kubernetes and OpenShift. It comes with a graphical user interface and offers an easy- to-use frontend.

Scalefield’s Private Cloud Architecture and Components

architecture of postgresql cloud services

Scalefield is capable of using “bare metal” as well as virtual machines to operate. Whatever is available in your infrastructure can be used to run Scalefield automation, which makes it very easy to get started. Kubernetes as well as OpenShift are supported, offering full automation including a state-of-the-art user experience. 

Ceph: Automated network storage

Ceph is an Open Source software storage platform which can expose storage in three ways:

  1. Network file system
  2. Block device
  3. Object store

If you want to store data in the most efficient and scaleable way possible, Ceph is the current standard. Add servers on the fly, resize partitions, and add fault tolerance to your PostgreSQL infrastructure! Scalefield integrates Ceph and therefore relies on rock solid storage for your data as well as for your backups.

NOTE: Other storage options are available on request!

Easy-to-use graphical user interfaces

Scalefield comes with a built-in and easy- to-use GUI to optimally manage your PostgreSQL infrastructure. Its intuitive, user-friendly interface makes managing your private cloud a breeze. 

Scalefield getting started

Features and assets

Scalefield comes with a rich set of features which enable your enterprise to thrive. Our solution is easy- to-use, cost-effective and highly efficient. 

Features and assets of Scalefield

Storage and PostgreSQL automation

●  built-in automatic deployment
●  automatic network management
●  full backup automation
●  support for latest PostgreSQL versions (>12.x)

Managing database servers

●  organize users in groups
●  assign costs to sub-organisations
define security groups
manage advanced notifications

Performance and scalability

●  optimized PostgreSQL configuration
●  support for read scalability
various performance modules

Security and encryption

●  full PostgreSQL TDE (Transparent Data Encryption) support
●  support for SSL (client server encryption)
Optional: support for pgaudit

Monitoring and tracking

●  automatic support for pgwatch2
●  integrated Prometheus monitoring
built-in metrics and supervision

Geographic data

●  out of the box OpenStreetMap (OSM) data
●  ready-to-use GIS data at your fingertips

Ready-made data sets

●  Ready-made data sets can be integrated easily

Would you like to know more about Scalefield and how it works? Download the full product folder as a PDF here:

Our services & Contact

Designing efficient infrastructure

●  Customize your environment for maximum efficiency
●  Run your own private cloud

Professional customer support

●  Integrated help – knowledge base
●  Technical 24/7 support for Scalefield
●  Discounted support for PostgreSQL
●  Direct support for end-customers

Deploying Scalefield

●  Deploy Scalefield easily using modern container technology
●  Kubernetes / OpenShift support 

Migrating to Scalefield

●  Turn data into predefined data sets
●  Migrate directly from Oracle and MS SQL into Scalefield
●  Move to a private cloud with ease

CYBERTEC offers 24/7 services for Scalefield. All necessary services concerning the product are available worldwide. Contact us!

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