Migration from Oracle to PostgreSQL

Are you planning to free yourself from Oracle license fees, or are you playing with the idea of leaving Oracle behind? Then CYBERTEC is the right partner for you. Our team of PostgreSQL and Oracle experts offers a smooth migration from the commercial – to the Open Source world. Our team is not only made up of PostgreSQL experts – we also have Oracle certified staff with considerable Oracle database experience. We are able to fully comprehend the Oracle side of the migration project.

Advantages of migrating from Oracle to PostgreSQL

Moving to PostgreSQL ensures:

  • No licensing costs
  • Reduction of support costs by 80% or more
  • Significant reduction of costs for training & consulting

CYBERTEC helps companies migrate to the Open Source version of PostgreSQL to free you completely from any kind of vendor lock. There is no special “closed source version” and no proprietary tool chain. After migration to PostgreSQL, you will be running on an Open Source solution with 100% no strings attached.

PostgreSQL license costs will be ZERO.

Our goal is to make your PostgreSQL deployment at least as fast as your current Oracle setup. However, the total cost of operating your database infrastructure will drop considerably. Reduced costs will apply to all aspects of your deployment including ongoing operations, maintenance, etc.

Database stability and data security

The main concerns raised by many who have already migrated from Oracle to PostgreSQL are the questions of security, stability and quality.
PostgreSQL is a rock solid database, which has been proven repeatedly over the years. It has been adopted in critical environments such as banking, government, defense, medicine and in the automotive industry (to mention just a few).

Our team and the entire PostgreSQL industry depends on the quality and stability of the PostgreSQL code base, which means that everybody is working hard to maintain good quality, superior stability and high standards of development. Remember: It is not only your data which is at stake – the same applies to our reputation and the existence of the entire industry, which means PostgreSQL contributors will do everything to protect your data by every possible means available.

Make use of our migration toolchain

CYBERTEC uses an Open Source tool chain as well as a few of our own scripts (available as Open Source to customers) to migrate customers from Oracle to PostgreSQL.

Some of the tools we use are:

The entire migration process is fully transparent. CYBERTEC will also make sure that Oracle PL/SQL code is properly adapted and optimized for PostgreSQL.

Migration from Oracle to PostgreSQL

Migration of “Oracle Spatial” to PostgreSQL

Oracle is not only a classical database. It also features an extension to handle GIS data which is used by some players in the industry. On the PostgreSQL side, there is also an extension to handle GIS data. PostGIS is an enterprise-ready GIS framework, which has been in constant development over the years.

GIS data is not quite like normal data. It sometimes requires some special treatment as well as special indexing.

If you are using Oracle Spatial, we can help with your migration.


This quick-start migration guide will get you rapidly moving in the right direction.

There are various aspects you need to take into consideration when moving from Oracle to PostgreSQL, which include:

  • Migrating data structures
  • Migrating data
  • Converting common SQL statements
  • Converting PL/SQL to PL/Java
  • Storage management in PostgreSQL and Oracle

Professional help

Contact us today to receive your personal offer from CYBERTEC. We offer on-time delivery, professional handling, and more than 20 years of PostgreSQL experience.

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