Introduction to PostGIS




1 days

Dates & Duration

The course can be booked as a stand-alone course or as an extension to all our PostgreSQL courses.


This training can also be held at your place or as online training especially for your company. In this case the course agenda can also be adapted to suit your needs best.

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This course is held online and takes 2 days with 4 hours each.


This course provides an introduction to PostGIS and it’s most important features and capabilities. From spatial data types to spatial joins, the training will cover all topics to quickstart spatial data management and analysis within PostgreSQL. Beside theoretical knowledge, participants will work with real-work datasets to deepen and reinforce knowledge.


Basic experience with PostgreSQL is required.

Available Languages

This course can be held in English and German.

Theoretical part


  • Setup and maintenance of PostGIS
  • Tooling (Import, Export, ETL)
  • Storage and management of spatial data

Spatial data types and indices

  • Spatial data types
    • Geometry
    • Geography
  • Spatial index
    • GIST
    • SP-GIST
    • BRIN

Spatial functions

  • Core functions
    • Output
    • Construction
    • Accessor and setter
    • Measurement functions
    • Composition functions
    • Decomposition functions
    • Simplification functions
  • Topological functions
    • Bounding Boxes
    • Equality
    • Relations
    • Spatial Joins
  • Special Functions for processing and analysis
    • Spatial aggregation
    • Clipping, Splitting, Tesselation
    • Segmentation
    • Translation, scaling and rotation

Practical part

Introducing the dataset & Exercises

  • Import/Export spatial data
  • Validating and fixing spatial data
  • Analyzing spatial data
  • Visualizing spatial data