Do you want to connect GeoServer to PostgreSQL or PostGIS to create even more effective maps? CYBERTEC is here to help you create superb visualizations of your spatial data published via OGC-compliant services such as WMS or WFS.  

Our powerful stack will help you to visualize as well as cache maps. Combine modern techniques with GeoServer, which forms a solid foundation for a wide range of mapping tasks.


We offer 24/7 support for PostgreSQL and PostGIS.
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GeoServer: Our services for your benefit

Unleash the power of PostgreSQL, PostGIS and GeoServer to create masterful GIS solutions. We provide a variety of services to help you to achieve your goals:

Advanced Mapping

We help to create first-rate maps for your spatial data. 

Caching tiles

Cache your maps and make use of the tile cache to speed up applications.

Scaling GeoServer

CYBERTEC implements scalable PostGIS and GeoServer solutions.

Caching strategies

Design an efficient, needs-based caching strategy utilizing GeoWebcache.

Layer tuning

We tune layers by optimizing styling (SLD) and data access.

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