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Laurenz Albe

Senior Consultant & Support Engineer
Laurenz Albe is a senior consultant and support engineer at CYBERTEC. He has been working with and contributing to PostgreSQL since 2006, has written patches for core, and wrote oracle_fdw. He holds a Master's degree in Mathematics from the University of Vienna and a Master's in Computer Science from the Technical University of Vienna. In his spare time he enjoys reading to his children and pondering the roots of language.
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Articles by Laurenz Albe

Indexing "LIKE" in PostgreSQL and Oracle

by Laurenz Albe | 08.2023
© Laurenz Albe 2023 Unless you use the binary collation, creating a b-tree index to support a LIKE condition in […]

Why does my pg_wal keep growing?

by Laurenz Albe | 08.2023
  "Why does my pg_wal keep growing?" That's a question I keep hearing again and again. It is an urgent […]

Bulk load performance in PostgreSQL

by Laurenz Albe | 08.2023
  There are several techniques to bulk load data into PostgreSQL. I decided to compare their performance in a simple […]

Subqueries and performance in PostgreSQL

by Laurenz Albe | 07.2023
  SQL allows you to use subqueries almost anywhere where you could have a table or column name. All you […]

Memory context: private memory management in PostgreSQL

by Laurenz Albe | 06.2023
  PostgreSQL uses shared memory for data shared between processes. With the exception of the dynamic shared memory segments used […]

Use HOT, so CLUSTER won't rot in PostgreSQL

by Laurenz Albe | 06.2023
  CLUSTER is sometimes the last resort to squeeze performance out of an index scan. Normally, you have to repeat […]

ERROR: invalid byte sequence - Fix bad encoding in PostgreSQL

by Laurenz Albe | 05.2023
(Inscription seen on a T-shirt) It's annoying to get error messages caused by encoding problems. But it is more annoying […]

PostgreSQL ALTER DEFAULT PRIVILEGES - permissions explained

by Laurenz Albe | 05.2023
  Many people have heard that ALTER DEFAULT PRIVILEGES makes it easy to allow other users access to tables. But […]

Forcing a join order in PostgreSQL

by Laurenz Albe | 05.2023
  Different from many other database systems, PostgreSQL does not support query hints. That makes it difficult to force the […]

Docker and sudden death for PostgreSQL

by Laurenz Albe | 05.2023
  This is a short war story from a customer problem. It serves as a warning that there are special […]
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