There is no good way to shut down critical systems for a prolonged period of time. It’s not possible to shut down factories, airports, harbors, customs, the federal police, or an emergency service because of a simple database migration. Database uptime is a must and this is especially true if you want to migrate a large Oracle database to PostgreSQL.

Coming Soon: Close-to-zero-downtime database migration

CYBERTEC Migrator uses every known technique to ensure “uptime” for our customers. We are developing modern “change data capture” techniques to collect the changes happening to your Oracle source database while the core of the data is migrated, and apply them later, reducing downtime to almost nothing. Watch for this up-and-coming development!

Close to zero downtime Migration: apply change

Our CDC solution is scalable and will provide users with the ability to perform a controlled switchover which might even happen long after the initial copy of the data has been created. This flexibility will allow you to thoroughly test your target system (PostgreSQL) before finalizing the migration


Low-risk migration and fall-back scenarios

Despite everyone’s best efforts, it can always happen that a migration has to be aborted. Due to our ability to minimize downtime, going back to Oracle can be done without much effort.


There is no need to schedule long downtimes only to find out that something didn’t work. Minimizing downtime relieves the headache of lost productivity.


                     “…because data has value”


Data is important, and during an Oracle-to-PostgreSQL migration, data must not be put at risk. CYBERTEC does everything to ensure a low-to-no-risk migration: during the migration, we continually check that our clients’ data is always safe, consistent and readily available.

Data is the gold of the future. 

We believe in protecting this asset.

Working using a graphical user interface (GUI) makes migrations more accessible to many people. Just imagine easily choosing which indexes to migrate, or flicking a button to change data types in an easy-to-learn, intuitive user interface. We at CYBERTEC take usability seriously, and help to reduce the risk of human error by providing a great user experience; that’s how important our customers are to us.

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