PostgreSQL Administration and Performance Tuning




3 days

Dates & Duration

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This course takes 3 days with 8 hours each (on site) or 5 hours each (online).
The only difference is that there will be less practical exercises in an online course. However, we will hand them over to you and you can still do them on your own and ask our consultants for feedback or help if needed.


This course is especially suitable for database administrators (Linux / Windows / Solaris / Mac OS X) and sysadmis. We will deal with administration and performance tuning related topics.

Available Language

This course can be held in English, German, Spanish, Polish, Estonian, Ukrainian and Russian.


Day 1

  • The PostgreSQL projekt, support, community,  release management
  • Architecture – overview
  • Installation, starting and stopping the server, connection to the client
  • Basics about “psql”
  • Indexing with B-Tree indexes
  • Transactions: Atomicity, Isolation, Locking

Day 2

  • Transactions: optimistic vs pessimistic locking
  • Multiversioning
  • Autovacuum
  • Logical Backup, data export and import (pg_dump)
  • Physical Backup, Transaction log archiving
  • Point-in-time Recovery

Day 3

  • Configuration parameter
  • Logging
  • Resource m anagement
  • Parameter tuning
  • User management, authentification
  • Remote access
  • Role management
  • Security
  • Upgrade
  • Statistics and monitoring


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