CYPEX stands for CYBERTEC Prototyping Express. It is the fastest and most innovative tool available to develop database-driven applications. Organizations who use it:

  • become more adaptive
  • vastly improve customer communication
  • develop working solutions with far fewer costs

CYPEX allows your business to adjust to changing requirements with ease. 

Traditional application development takes up a lot of precious time. Inefficient development costs you customers. Empower professional developers, eliminate flawed communication loops and enable everyone else in your organization to be a part of the solution, instead of part of the problem. Build PostgreSQL applications faster than ever before. 


CYPEX is a user-friendly tool to quickly build PostgreSQL applications. It requires little coding, but achieves big results – which makes it one of the fastest development tools available for PostgreSQL. But what exactly does it do? You use it to easily turn PostgreSQL tables into full-fledged applications.

CYPEX enables internal application development in no time. And the best part of it is that almost everyone with at least basic coding knowledge will be able to develop your applications.

To see how CYPEX can be applied, visit our use case page.

Advantages - CYPEX

More Info & Free Developer Licence

Do you want to experience the features for yourself? Look no further! Try out the developer licence and explore the possibilities!

Build applications faster and with less effort

CYPEX allows you to quickly build interactive applications in real-time. By instantly providing the customer with a basic and simple prototype of an application (ideally during the analysis phase), you are able to receive immediate feedback and thus avoid expensive delays, communication failures, and wrong approaches. Getting instant feedback saves not only time and money, but also emotional stress. We keep the failure probability of your development process to a minimum by fighting information loss. Furthermore, you can change requirements even while the development process is underway, and easily adapt the process to your needs – CYPEX enables rapid evolution. See our Rapid Prototyping page for more details.

  1. Understanding of Requirements
  2. Prediction of Application
  3. Customer Feedback
  4. Quick Structure Adaption

Smaller teams, bigger results

With CYPEX you need fewer skills within your team, which greatly reduces the number of developers needed to get a job done. It makes human resources management significantly easier and enables small teams to get more done.

Big Developer Teams Versus One CYPEX Engineer - CYPEX

Attractive, easy-to-use Graphical User Interface (GUI)

CYPEX has a terrific Graphical User Interface which you have to see to believe. Check out the possibilities on our PostgreSQL app development page.

Easy workflow management

Model workflows quickly, using simple flow diagrams, and turn them into easy-to-use applications – without sacrificing the ability to back up entire applications as part of the regular database backup. All workflows are intuitive and integrate nicely within your existing database models. Find out more about workflows and our graphical user interface on our page about Data Visualization Made Easy

Shorten the journey to the finish line

From the raw data layer to the data’s final implementation in an app is normally a long journey – with CYPEX, it becomes a hop, skip and a jump to the finish. Find out what it means to get things done quickly without sacrificing data integrity or security – find out what CYPEX can do for your company.

From apex and oracle forms to CYPEX

CYBERTEC offers a comprehensive strategy to move from Oracle to PostgreSQL. Please contact our sales team to learn more about our migration services and our extensive migration tool chain, including the CYBERTEC Migrator.

CYPEX is a perfect alternative to APEX and Oracle Forms.  It offers a way out of exorbitantly high license costs. Find out more about the advantages of migrating to CYPEX!

From Oracle APEX and Oracle Forms to CYPEX

Getting Started

Improve operational efficiency of your business and boost productivity of operations within and beyond the enterprise. CYPEX offers a user-friendly interface to streamline processes, visualize workflows, and provide easier access to your data.

Simple Steps

Getting started is very easy and can be summarized in three simple steps:

  1. Import Data Structure: Transfer your existing data structure to CYPEX, create a new data structure or use one of the CYPEX sample structures.
  2. Define Metadata: Create your CYPEX metadata, workflows, object views and permissions.
  3. Create Apps: Once logged in, you will see the overview dashboard of CYPEX. You can now start creating your first application.

And that’s it! Check out our graphical PostgreSQL app development page for more info.

CYPEX Online Academy

From installation to best practice examples: In our video tutorial collection, you’ll find a video guide for every CYPEX feature.


Benefit from CYPEX:

Have a look at our mighty application building tool and get your own impression here:

CYPEX at a glance - tutorials

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If you cannot access YouTube, have a look at the CYPEX tutorials on our website or contact our sales team for a personal demonstration.


Pricing is based on an annual license fee per core (including virtual cores!) with a minimum allocation of four cores. Product support for CYPEX is included in your subscription. If you need support for PostgreSQL itself, please check out our various support services.


CYPEX is a web-based service that can be easily accessed via common browsers (e.g. Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, Opera, Microsoft Edge Version 82+; Internet Explorer is deprecated and not supported). It is delivered as docker images with a docker-compose file. The basic requirements for its installation are docker and docker-compose, installed on a Linux machine.

Do you want to know more about CYPEX and how it works? Download the full product folder as a PDF here:

Get started today and learn how CYPEX can boost your business! Contact our sales team at

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