The easiest way from Oracle to PostgreSQL

CYBERTEC Migrator is an easy and user-friendly tool that helps you to organise and efficiently migrate multiple Oracle databases to PostgreSQL. In addition to migrating your data professionally and securely with minimum effort, CYBERTEC Migrator allows you to visually monitor and track the whole process at any time.


​Commercial databases often come with an unpredictable price tag, as license audits can easily lead to unexpected, high costs. Therefore, many companies are moving from Oracle to PostgreSQL. Open Source software solves the problem of low flexibility, reduces costs, and stops vendors from locking you in. However, the process of migrating databases is still seen as a big hurdle: it is complex, time-consuming and you need qualified personnel. CYBERTEC Migrator revolutionizes this concept, as it enables migration that is simple, fast and comfortable. See for yourself!

What is CYBERTEC Migrator?


CYBERTEC Migrator is a powerful, but yet easy-to-use software product for fast database migration developed by CYBERTEC.  It consists of two processes running simultaneously:

  • migration process: CYBERTEC Migrator helps you to migrate multiple Oracle databases to PostgreSQL in a convenient way. Our user interface allows you to quickly assess complexity and you will be visually guided through the process, step-by-step.
  • monitoring process: Migrating more than one database can be a confusing process and might easily lead to you losing track of what is done and not done. Thanks to a simple dashboard design, CYBERTEC Migrator helps you to visually track single migrations and monitor the whole progress. You can request status updates at any time.

CYBERTEC Migrator supports a wide range of data structures and Oracle concepts including Tables, Views, Sequences, Indexes, Functions, Triggers, etc and is fully able to handle complex setups and environments.

Key features

  • Close-to zero downtime migration: Massive parallelism and highly efficient data transformations enable initial load speeds up to 1 terabyte per hour! After the initial load, the  Change Data Capture solution allows for easy replication of changes to PostgreSQL. 
  • fully automatic or tool-assisted code rewrite: Migrate complex business logic faster than ever before. Our parser approach allows for a fully automatic or tool-assisted code rewrite. Everything that could not be migrated, will be presented to the user in an easy-to-understand worklog.
  • Oracle Spatial to PostGIS: Standard GIS data can be moved to PostgreSQL seamlessly. Our solution is not limited to simple data structures and trivial data sets. CYBERTEC Migrator allows for a smooth transition to the leading Open Source GIS plugin PostGIS.

Faster than ora2pg

Why should you not use the ora2pg tool for your migration? It is quite simple: CYBERTEC Migrator is a lot faster and easier to use. It finishes within 30 seconds, while ora2pg needs 3 minutes for the same workload. See for yourself!


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You want to know more about CYBERTEC Migrator and how it works? Download the full product folder as a PDF here:

Product Folder >>

How CYBERTEC Migrator works – Migration Process

To migrate your data from Oracle to PostgreSQL, all you have to do is to follow the intuitive and user-friendly migration process. 

Benefit especially from following functions:

  • intelligent data type prediction
  • quick data replication
  • parallel transformation engine
  • automatic application of constraints found
  • automatic deployment of views


Read the step by step guide >>

Packages & Pricing

Find the right price for your individual database infrastructure and the level of help needed!

1. CYBERTEC Migrator

Purchase the tool and run the migrations on your own.

2. CYBERTEC Migrator Pro

You run the migrations yourself using the CYBERTEC Migrator and either one, or both of its advance extensions. The CYBERTEC Migrator can be bought with fully automatic or tool-assisted code rewrite and if needed, with our Change Data Capture solution, which allows close to zero downtime migration.

3. CYBERTEC Migrator All-in-one

Within the all-inclusive package, CYBERTEC experts run the whole database migration for you. Project plan, strategy, Proof of Concept, migration and evaluation – we do it all. You can lean back and watch the whole process. If needed, our experts will provide fully automatic or tool-assisted code rewrite and ensure close-to zero downtime. Our experts are also happy to assist you with any other questions that may arise during the migration.

Personal Demo

Want to have a look before buying? If you want a personal demo, please contact our sales team.




Q: How do I install CYBERTEC Migrator?
A: CYBERTEC Migrator is available as a Docker package. It can be easily installed onto any server.

Q: How do I connect to my databases?
A: Database connections are all handled within the application.

Q: What are my system requirements?
A: The server can be installed on any host that runs Docker (See and is accessible via the Firefox or Google Chrome browsers.

If you want to know more, read the step by step guide!

Read the step by step guide >>


Besides CYBERTEC Migrator we also offer a Open Source extension that can be used free of charge. However, this tool only has a simple command line interface and a very limited range of functions. It especially does not offer the possibility of a close-to zero downtime migration.



For more information, a personal demonstration or an individual offer, please contact us. We are happy to help wherever we can!