The easiest way from Oracle to PostgreSQL

If your company is locked into an expensive Oracle license, you may have heard you can save costs by migrating to PostgreSQL. You may be asking yourself, “How can I migrate our databases with the most security and the least downtime possible?” CYBERTEC MIGRATOR is the answer. 

The good news is, migrating from Oracle to PostgreSQL has never been easier or more secure. The CYBERTEC MIGRATOR offers a comprehensive solution to enable a quick, seamless transition from Oracle to PostgreSQL. No more command-line hacking, no more flimsy tooling. CYBERTEC has the professional solution for everybody who wants to get the job done right.



Enterprise-ready Oracle to PostgreSQL migration

  1. High speed data migration
  2. Enterprise-grade graphical user interface (GUI)
  3. Superior user experience
  4. Feature-complete migration
  5. Kubernetes & OpenShift ready
  6. Cloning migration definitions
  7. Coming soon: Close-to-zero-downtime migration

CYBERTEC Migrator Keyfeatures

The best part about migrating with CYBERTEC is that you get to take advantage of our key features.  Because we’ve been in the business for decades, we know what’s important to customers:  data security and integrity, saving time, and saving money. For that reason, many of our features, like high-speed data migration, are aimed at maximizing output without compromising the safety of the data.

We’re also ready to take on your most advanced projects and migrate large numbers of databases at once with our cloning migration definitions. And we’ve made everything compatible with Kubernetes or OpenShift, so that you can leverage modern container technology for faster results. Best of all, it’s so easy to use: our GUI is intuitive and not just user-friendly, but tried and tested by companies just like yours. Our features really make us stand out. Make the right choice and move your data with CYBERTEC’s MIGRATOR.



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How the CYBERTEC MIGRATOR works – the Migration Process

To migrate your data from Oracle to PostgreSQL, follow our intuitive and user-friendly migration process. 

Benefit from the following functions:

  • Intelligent data type prediction
  • Quick data replication
  • Parallel transformation engine
  • Automatic application of constraints found
  • Automatic deployment of views


CYBERTEC Migrator: Migration process to Oracle

By the end of the migration process, you’ll feel satisfied that you have not only achieved your migration goals, but improved your system’s overall health. We’ve assisted many migrations over the years and are completely confident in our products’ ability to deliver reliable, speedy results. When you move your database with CYBERTEC, you come out of the migration with an overall better outlook for the future, both in terms of your data as well as your budget.


What about migrating our app development?

If your company uses Oracle Forms, Apex, or 4GL, you can move away from legacy systems while improving customer communication using the CYPEX PostgreSQL app developer.

Find out how CYPEX can boost your business!


Getting started

We distribute CYBERTEC MIGRATOR as a set of Docker images run from Docker Compose.

An offline installation package is also available for environments with networking restrictions.

Getting started >>


Q: How do I install the CYBERTEC MIGRATOR ?
A: CYBERTEC MIGRATOR is available as a Docker package. Installation is easy onto any server.

Q: How do I connect to my databases?
A: You can handle all database connections within the application.

Q: What are my system requirements?
A: The server can be installed on any host that runs Docker (See and is accessible via the Firefox or Google Chrome browsers.

Q: My company already uses Oracle Forms/Apex/4GL, so how can I switch?
A: We offer an even better tool, CYPEX, which enables you to fully migrate away from legacy systems.

Do not forget to check out the README page: >>


For more information, a personal demonstration or an individual offer, please contact us. We are happy to help wherever we can!


As an alternative to CYBERTEC MIGRATOR , we also offer an Open Source extension that can be used free of charge. However, this tool only has a simple command line interface and a very limited range of functions. It does not offer the possibility of a close-to zero downtime migration.


Would you like to find out more about CYBERTEC MIGRATOR ? Download the full product folder as a PDF here:

Product Folder >>