Cybertec pgconfigurator: Configuring PostgreSQL visually

Configure PostgreSQL quickly and easily

We are proud to announce the release of our latest tool to the PostgreSQL community: the CYBERTEC pgconfigurator, a visual tool for configuring PostgreSQL. We know that many people want a visual tool to configure PostgreSQL database servers. CYBERTEC's pgconfigurator quickly determines the most important config parameters to be used in postgresql.conf.

The tool can be found and used freely at the Cybertec pgconfigurator product page on our website.

PG Configurator
pgconfigurator CYBERTEC

What pgconfigurator will do for you

pgconfigurator gives you a quick and easy way to generate or to cross-check existing config files (postgresql.conf). Use the results of our vast database experience to help tune your database and achieve better performance.

pgconfigurator will determine all vital performance parameters and come up with useful suggestions. Keep in mind that an automatic tool cannot replace a human in all cases, and it still makes sense to hire a professional in case of doubt. However, pgconfigurator can help you to get started and to configure your servers to maximum advantage.

Our tool for visually configuring PostgreSQL will determine the following types of parameters for you:

  • PostgreSQL memory settings (shared_buffers, work_mem, etc.)
  • PostgreSQL replication settings (max_wal_senders, etc.)
  • PostgreSQL parallel query parameters
  • PostgreSQL I/O and checkpointing related settings
  • Preloaded libraries

Just download the ready-made config and add your personal parameters (for logging, etc.)

Feedback is welcome

We hope that our first release of pgconfigurator is helpful. Of course feedback is always welcome and we are eager to hear from you. Tell us what you want us to improve and tell us about settings you don't agree with. We will collect all recommendations and use them to make pgconfigurator even better.

We are planning to maintain this tool long-term and add support for PostgreSQL 11 and higher in the future.

Also: Share the news! Tell your friends, workmates and everybody you know about the CYBERTEC pgconfigurator.


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