Coming Soon from CYBERTEC- CYPEX Components.

Save time – use existing templates to quickly create database tables within your application. What are the components? They are SQL code fragments with sample data already in place. The Model Builder places the fragments into your code and guides you through inserting your own data, which really speeds up the development process. Using CYPEX components, it will be easy to create data models, organize your workflow management, and what’s even more important: data integrity will be preserved.

How CYPEX components can speed up application development

CYPEX Components’ Element Library – SQL structures that work with your data

With the Element Library, coming soon from our development team, you will be able to quickly and easily create tables storing addresses, currencies, unit conversions, genders, salutations, etc. When you use our SQL Structure templates, you’ll not only save time, but assure that your code adheres to a certain standard, and stays uniform. That makes updating and making changes to the code that much easier.

CYPEX components element library

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