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CYPEX use cases: the Propafisa farming management company

Some of the best use cases for CYPEX are shown by PROPAFISA. Rapidly develop apps for your company’s internal data.

Using CYPEX, we developed apps for Propafisa to:

Employee End-of-Month Salary Summary app

End of the Month Salary Example - CYPEX

Employee receipt of salary

Developed from CYPEX application data fed into an external reporting application

Receipt of Salary of an Employee - CYPEX

Basic HR app related to employee information database

Developed using CYPEX: includes internal employee files with names, length of employment, job title, etc. Using CYPEX, various tables from the database can easily be displayed alongside one another, and the results shifted to your liking.

Human Ressource Employee Files - CYPEX

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CYPEX use case scenario: Inventory and location of livestock via PostGIS

Show current locations of livestock by animal type

CYPEX can be used to develop locator apps for animals, such as cattle and sheep on a ranch. The livestock have been chipped so they are locatable via a GIS sensor. CYPEX combined with PostGIS then presents their locations in a dashboard:

Livestock Location by Animal Type with CYPEX and PostGIS

Easily create graphs for livestock inventory

CYPEX can be also used to create inventory graphs for the same livestock, as you can see in this screenshot:

Livestock Inventory Graphs with CYPEX and PostGIS

CYPEX use case scenario: Alarms and tracking history for livestock via PostGIS

Create and manage alarms for perimeters

Another use for PostGIS coupled with CYPEX is to create barrier areas which trigger an alarm per e-mail when an animal crosses out of the allowed perimeter:

Livestock Alarm for Perimeter - CYPEX

Show your livestock’s tracking history

Finally, CYPEX coupled with PostGIS can be used to show the tracking history of individual cows or sheep on the ranch:

Livestock Tracking with CYPEX and PostGIS

CYPEX use case scenarios: Internet Shopping Databases

Here you can explore possible setups for internet shopping databases or other external applications which include uses for CYPEX’s rapid application development software.

Scenario 1: CYPEX-built application and online shopping application both access the same database

Internet Shopping Same Databases - CYPEX

In the above case, CYPEX can access and display the same data that the shopping application sees, making it possible to keep inventory, assess sales, etc.

Example: company develops an internally-used app which displays shoe sales inventory data

Example of an Shoe Sales Inventory - CYPEX

Scenario 2: Custom-made internet application accesses a CYPEX-built internal application via an API:

Internet Shopping Databases via API - CYPEX

In the case of scenario 2, CYPEX is the indirect intermediary to the database, the shopping application does not directly access the database. A similar scenario was used to produce the salaries report from Propafisa, above.

Scenario 3: A PostgreSQL Database communicates with a non-PG database which is connected to an online shop. The data is then processed through a CYPEX-developed app.

Internet Shopping Databases Non-PG - CYPEX

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