CYPEX Online Academy - Installation and initial login

1.1 Setup and Login for the first time

This video demonstrates the installation and setup of CYPEX. CYBERTEC ships CYPEX in two ways. Usually, we ship containers that include CYPEX and PostgreSQL. However, you may deploy CYPEX to build applications for existing databases. To handle such cases, you’ll execute a script. The script configures CYPEX and generates credentials – which can then be obtained to log into the database and the GUI in a safe and secure manner.

This video shows the basic setup and installation of CYPEX.

1.2 Setup and Login using an external database

Follow the instructions in the video to configure CYPEX to use an existing database. Keep in mind that CYPEX will deploy SQL code to run properly. The same is true for pg_timetable, which is an integral part of CYPEX, and is capable of handling scheduling-related operations.

At the end of the deployment process you will have a fully functioning CYPEX deployment.

Setup and login using an external database

1.3 Administration Overview

Control many types of behavior using the admin panel: permissions, LDAP authentication, application creation, auditing, user management and much more. The dashboard will show you how many applications exist and display some very basic information about users.

Following the deployment process you will have a complete, functioning CYPEX deployment.

Administration panel overview

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