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Stuck in a legacy system you’re no longer satisfied with? The CYBERTEC team of experts has helped many customers out of this situation. We’ve created the CYBERTEC CYPEX app builder and are ready to help our customers migrate to CYPEX from Oracle, Informix and Salesforce legacy systems. It replaces Apex, Oracle Forms and 4GL with a better and more efficient design. Our tool is specifically aimed to stop communication loss, enable rapid feedback and create a stress-free working atmosphere.

  • Get to the heart of what your customer wants, and get out of the emergency meeting trap.
  • Rapidly design prototypes, dashboards, and visualize data in a way that is easy to share with the customer.
  • Correct communication errors and misconceptions before you invest precious development time and money in something a customer doesn’t want.
  • Migrate to the CYPEX tool and move your business to the top of its class.
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CYPEX Features – Migrate to CYPEX today!

What does CYBERTEC’s CYPEX have to offer? CYPEX combines rapid prototyping, professional application development as well as workflow management in one powerful product.

  • graphical PostgreSQL app development
  • model builder for rapid prototyping
  • drag-and-drop editor to model workflows
  • easy to use
  • visualize data
  • less coding
  • smart UI prediction
  • fully customizable

First off, it enables graphical PostgreSQL app development with an easy-to-use GUI. Next, it  features a sleek model builder which allows rapid prototyping to achieve its maximum speed in customer feedback. The prototypes can also be used as specs, which eliminates the need for a 200-page document that no one wants to read. You can also quickly model workflows with our drag-and-drop editor, and integrate your workflows with a state-of-the-art permission and security system. Finally, watch for the upcoming release of CYPEX’s Components, which will offer ready-made SQL structures to prevent you from having to reinvent the wheel every time you want to create an address table, offer a choice of unit conversions or a present a list of available currencies.

CYPEX is designed to make your business life easier. Cut through the layers of bureaucracy in your organization and finally get what you want done – migrate to CYPEX today!

Contact us today and learn how CYPEX can boost your business!

Save on Oracle to PostgreSQL Migration Costs!

During your average database migration, 90% of the costs go toward app development, with only 10% being used for actually moving the data over. With CYPEX, your company can really save on both time and money, because you automate a great deal of the app rewrite process.

Here’s things that CYPEX is great for helping out with during migrations:

  1. Modernizing – get rid of terminals, move to the web.

  2. Changing basic units like currencies using our CYPEX Components

  3. Rewrite code – for code that is so old, you need to modernize it.

  4. Adaptions  – tweak the SQL for better performance

CYPEX rapid app development:

  • Understanding of requirements
  • Prediction of application
  • Customer feedback
  • Quick structure adaption

Additionally, by creating a close and rapid feedback loop, CYPEX prevents loss of information and assures that miscommunication doesn’t travel all the way down the production line.

Workflow - CYPEX

With all these benefits, CYPEX really makes a difference during database migrations. Contact us today to find out more!

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CYPEX Compatibility – ready to integrate with Kubernetes and/or OpenShift!

Containers on your mind? CYPEX is ready to work for you. It’s written with containers in mind and is fully compatible with Kubernetes and OpenShift.

Logos Kubernetes & OpenShift

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CYPEX Product details

Want to get more information about CYPEX’s possibilities? Get the full product details in our product folder!

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