PostgreSQL for biotech and scientific applications

These days countless scientific applications can benefit from using PostgreSQL as a backend database. In many areas of science and technology a lot of data has to be processed and stored for a long period of time. PostgreSQL is the ideal platform to do just that. The database can handle large amounts of data and helps analyse things fast.

PostgreSQL for every growing data sets

Since the invention of modern computers, the amount of data stored in database systems kept growing year by year and it will continue to do so. More and more information waiting to be analyzed is stored and kept for scientific and business related use cases.

Data Growth 2013 - 2020

PostgreSQL: Delivering the right data to the right people in the right format

PostgreSQL can be scaled to many nodes and is therefore a good investment into the future. Due to its nature PostgreSQL can be integrated with many other software components and programming languages. The same applies to scientific software such as Matlab, R, and many more.

Optimizing results for human interaction

The power of SQL allows to present data in a way that it can be processed by humans and machines alike. There is no need to write complex code – it is enough to just use SQL to change and pre-process data in way, which is both suitable and efficient for later use.

PostgreSQL can be integrated into modern environments and easily talk to JSON data sources and accept many other data sources.

Advanced search and timeseries handling

Timeseries are the backbone of many scientific applications and the applications of time series models are manifold, including sales forecasting, weather forecasting, trend analysis, inventory studies and a lot more. Understanding and finding patterns in timeseries can be key to understanding the data you are about to process.

PostgreSQL is NOT just a stupid data store.

PostgreSQL has many features, which help people to analyze and process timeseries in a modern and efficient manner. The power of SQL is magnificent and it is easily possible to solve complex problems in a super fast way.

The same applies to searching in general. As PostgreSQL’s SQL engine is incredibly powerful, it allows you to write queries, which offer ways more than just simple filters.

You can use PostgreSQL for a lot more than just storing data. It will also help you to analyze and retrieve it.

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