PL/pgSQL_sec - Fully Encrypt Source Code

PL/pgSQL_sec is a PostgreSQL encryption extension developed by CYBERTEC.  Use PL/pgSQL_sec to ensure that nobody can see your code. Code is even encrypted in your backups – while remaining transparent to your developers.

Fully Encrypt Source Code for PostgreSQL

Would you like to make sure that customers can’t browse your source code? Maybe you’d like to prevent competitors from stealing your business secrets? PL/pgSQL_sec was designed to prevent users from looking at your code, once and for all.

In PostgreSQL, a procedure’s source code (unless it has been written in C or C++) is stored as plain text in a system table. In many cases, that doesn’t present a problem. However, if you sell software and your success depends on keeping code proprietary, giving the source code away is clearly not acceptable.

PL/pgSQL_sec can help protect your server-side procedures. Our module encrypts your source code and procedures, and stores them safely – in a way that makes sure people can’t steal code you want to keep as proprietary.

Fully Encrypt Source Code - PL/pgSQL_sec

Features of PL/pgSQL_sec - Encrypt Source Code

  • Full support for PL/pgSQL
  • Automatic encryption
  • No manual intervention
  • Encrypted database dumps
  • Maximum performance
  • Minimal overhead

PL/pgSQL_sec provides security for your software and helps to protect your competitive advantage.

Protect your Software with PL/pgSQL_se

Supported versions of PostgreSQL

Currently we support PostgreSQL version 9.3 or higher.

Get PL/pgSQL_sec

Please contact our sales team to receive a copy of PL/pgSQL_sec. Also, feel free to contribute to this tool: We are always happy to recieve tips and suggestions for improvement from you!

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