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Pavlo Golub

Senior Developer & Consultant
Pavlo is a PostgreSQL expert and developer at CYBERTEC. He's been working with PostgreSQL since 2002. He has an M.Ed. with an emphasis in Mathematics and Computer Science from the Central Ukrainian State Pedagogical University, and previously worked as a professor at the Kirovograd Medical Professional College. He is the co-founder of PostgreSQL Ukraine. He develops and maintains the PostgreSQL tools PGWatch2 and pg_timetable.
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Articles by Pavlo Golub

Postgres.AI bot interview for PGSQL Phriday #015

by Pavlo Golub | 02.2024
This month, we have an invitation from Lætitia to talk about UUIDs. UUIDs are a hot topic, and Cybertec wrote […]

Grafana dashboard for pg_timetable scheduled jobs

by Pavlo Golub | 01.2024
As a little boy, I dreamed of becoming a supersonic jet pilot or an astronaut. I also yearned to pilot […]

The Golden Trunk 2023 Award: My Playful Ode to Bloggers

by Pavlo Golub | 12.2023
Because Who Needs Another Gold Statue Anyway? In the world of databases, where seriousness often reigns supreme... Well, you know […]

PGSQL Phriday #014: Wrapping up!

by Pavlo Golub | 12.2023
PGSQL Phriday #014: PostgreSQL Events In my PGSQL Phriday #014 welcome post, I invited everyone to share their PostgreSQL event […]

PGSQL Phriday #014: PostgreSQL Events

by Pavlo Golub | 11.2023
As PostgreSQL enthusiasts, we all know that the community's heartbeat lies in PostgreSQL Events, whether local meetups, big conferences, or […]

Introducing pg_timetable v5.6: delayed chains and error handling

by Pavlo Golub | 10.2023
We're excited to unveil pg_timetable v5.6, a significant release that takes your PostgreSQL job scheduling to a new level. In […]

PGDay Belgium 2023 reflections

by Pavlo Golub | 06.2023
Introduction As a senior database consultant and developer at CYBERTEC PostgreSQL International, I recently enjoyed presenting at PGDay Belgium 2023 […]

LZ4 and ZSTD pg_dump compression in PostgreSQL 16

by Pavlo Golub | 04.2023
LZ4 and ZSTD pg_dump compression I wrote a "pg_dump compression specifications in PostgreSQL 16" post a while ago. Frankly speaking, […]

Underscores in numeric constants in PostgreSQL 16

by Pavlo Golub | 04.2023
SQL and numeric constants NEW in PostgreSQL 16 - support for underscores in integer and numeric constants! I already wrote […]

Parallel aggregate - PostgreSQL 16 - better performance

by Pavlo Golub | 04.2023
What is a parallel aggregate? In PostgreSQL, a parallel aggregate refers to a way of processing aggregate functions (such as […]
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