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Florian Nadler

GIS Consultant
Florian Nadler is a GIS consultant with 10 years+ experience in spatial engineering. He holds a Diplom (FH) in Geoinformatics as well as an M.Sc. in Data Science, both from the University of Applied Sciences in Wiener Neustadt, Austria. At CYBERTEC, Florian develops spatial services and solves all kinds of data-related challenges.

Articles by Florian Nadler

From Microsoft SQL server to PostGIS

by Florian Nadler | 06.2024
PostGIS is getting more and more popular and for good reasons. It benefits from a great community and offers a […]

PostgreSQL to Microsoft Excel via Npgsql

by Florian Nadler | 02.2024
This article is dedicated to all the Excel heroes out there who want to integrate and use data stored in […]

PostGIS, ArcGIS Enterprise and the Tour de France route

by Florian Nadler | 07.2023
PostGIS and ArcGIS Enterprise: From Annemasse to Morzine For those who sadly missed our after-business workshop together with our new […]

Let’s party and upgrade PostgreSQL and PostGIS together

by Florian Nadler | 05.2023
Some time ago, I presented a typical approach to upgrade PostGIS under Ubuntu. Please take a look at my previous […]

PostGIS: Upgrade GEOS with Ubuntu in 3 Steps

by Florian Nadler | 10.2022
Many blog posts deal with installing or upgrading PostGIS. Today we'll talk about upgrading related libraries such as GEOS or […]

Analyzing historical flight data with MobilityDB

by Florian Nadler | 04.2022
MobilityDB is on the move Since my last article about MobilityDB, the overall project has further developed and improved.This is […]

OpenStreetMap service by CYBERTEC

by Florian Nadler | 10.2021
In response to repeated customer requests seeking spatial datasets based on the OpenStreetMap service, CYBERTEC decided to start an initiative […]

PostGIS upgrade with Ubuntu 20.04.02

by Florian Nadler | 09.2021
Last time, we installed PostGIS on top of PostgreSQL. Today, I will complement this article by describing how to upgrade […]

PostGIS setup with Ubuntu 20.04.2

by Florian Nadler | 06.2021
PostGIS setup with Ubuntu 20.04.2 In one of his last blogposts, our CEO Hans-Jürgen Schönig explained how to set up […]

Publishing maps with Geoserver and PostGIS

by Florian Nadler | 05.2021
Analysing data within PostGIS is just one side of the coin. What about publishing our datasets as maps that various […]
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