Build your own PostgreSQL private cloud

PostgreSQL can be deployed as modern cloud application. Running a database server in a public or in your own private cloud environment can contribute to significant cost reduction and reduced administration overhead. PostgreSQL is ready for the cloud and CYBERTEC provides hands on assistance to maximize your efficiency.

Our services:

  • deployment of Kubernetes solutions
  • optimization of cloud performance
  • advanced database monitoring and predictive maintenance
  • capacity management and PostgreSQL scalability

CYBERTEC allows you to benefit from our pool of cloud experts. We help to install, run and manage your PostgreSQL/Kubernetes infrastructure.

What is Kubernetes?

Kubernetes is a high-end cloud infrastructure which allows you to run docker containers easily. Docker containers can be deployed and scaled automatically which reduces cost and increases efficiency.
Google has many years of experience in the fields of

  • database automation
  • automatic deployment
  • high availability

which has been used to make Kubernetes one of the most advanced tools to build your own cloud available.

Running PostgreSQL Containers and Kubernetes

On modern systems PostgreSQL is often running inside a docker container. Although docker is a relatively new technology, it has been rapidly adopted by the industry and has found its way into many big corporations, which rely on docker for additional abstraction and easier deployment. Usually Linux is the main platform for this purpose and constitutes a solid foundation for professional businesses.

In medium and large enterprises PostgreSQL and Kubernetes can serve as a database platform to run and manage hundrets or even thousands of database servers cheaply and effectively.
Due to the nature of PostgreSQLs liberal license you can run as many PostgreSQL instances as you want, without having to worry about costs.
Containers can be deployed within seconds, which gives you an edge over traditional, inflexible and commercial database vendors.

Your advantages:

  • instant database deployment
  • automatic failover and clustering
  • a more consistent infrastructure
  • easier roll-out
  • problem-free updates and upgrades

CYBERTEC provides 24/7 support for your PostgreSQL installation.

Automation with Kubernetes Node

PostgreSQL high availability cluster with Kubernetes

In modern IT, high availability is not only nice to have – it is a fundamental requirement. While downtime was still somewhat acceptable years ago, it is certainly not anymore. Customers are used to around-the-clock availability.

Cybertec provides solutions to run PostgreSQL in a container on Kubernetes in state of the art database clusters.
Using some of the latest technologies we are able to provide you with a cutting edge solution serving your business around the clock

Advanced cloud monitoring

Imagine hundreds or thousands of database instances running simultaneously. Without proper monitoring, this is clearly impossible, or simply too expensive.

CYBERTEC offers a PostgreSQL monitoring tool called pgwatch2. It can be downloaded freely as docker container and is therefore the ideal solution to monitor and manage a large scale PostgreSQL infrastructure. It features pre-defined graphs and matrix. It can be deployed out of the box for PostgreSQL 9.6 and higher. Everything is ready for your cloud.

pg watch2

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