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Julian Markwort

PostgreSQL Consultant & Developer
Julian Markwort is a consultant and developer at CYBERTEC. He began his endeavour into the PostgreSQL community around 2015 during a student job at the University of Münster, where he completed his M.Sc. in Computer Science. In addition, he volunteers and teaches at a local bicycle cooperative, all while helping global corporations run Patroni clusters and developing and building database-related software.

Articles by Julian Markwort

Patroni Contributors Meeting 2024 in Munich

by Julian Markwort | 04.2024
The day before 2024 in Munich, a few of the Patroni project's contributors met to discuss the past, present […]

gexec in psql: PostgreSQL poweruser practice

by Julian Markwort | 07.2022
For PostgreSQL powerusers, automating repeated steps is becoming more and more necessary, and gexec can help. This blog will show […]

TLS: Demystifying communication encryption in PostgreSQL

by Julian Markwort | 04.2021
In this post, we want to give you a brief introduction to TLS (Transport Layer Security), which is a technology […]

Introduction and How-To: etcd clusters for Patroni

by Julian Markwort | 11.2019
etcd is one of several solutions to a problem that is faced by many programs that run in a distributed […]

Patroni : Setting up a highly available PostgreSQL Cluster

by Julian Markwort | 09.2019
Patroni is a cluster manager used to customize and automate deployment and maintenance of PostgreSQL HA (High Availability) clusters. It […]

PostgreSQL High Availability and Patroni - an Introduction.

by Julian Markwort | 09.2019
Are you running PostgreSQL databases or plan to do so? Have you thought about disaster recovery? What happens if your […]
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