High availability with Patroni

Patroni – Protects your database

Patroni is an Open Source Cluster-Technology, which takes care of automatic failover and high availability of your PostgreSQL database. Furthermore, Patroni is simple – the Patroni-Clusters are very easy to set up and to use. Ensure high availability of your database with Patroni!

Cybertec’s Patroni-Extension “vipmanager” ensures an automatic IP failover. For that reason, there is no need to reconfigure your application manually.

Patroni – Minimal complexity ensures high availability

Advantages of High Availability

Implement high availability with Patroni

If you want to learn more about clustering and how automatic failover can be done in your case, feel free to contact us. Our experienced PostgreSQL experts will support you with the configuration of Patroni-Clusters.

We also offer customized trainings by our database experts that are directly adapted to your needs.

How Patroni works

With Patroni you can customize and automate PostgreSQL HA (High Availability) clusters. Based on modern consensus algorithms, it ensures high availability of your database and protects you from data loss by deciding which actions to perform in the cluster.

Patroni monitors liveliness of primary and replica and can change the configuration of all cluster members. It handles synchronicity requirements and planned switchovers, as well as unplanned failovers. Patroni performs those complex tasks automatically. Moreover, it can be guaranteed that certain conditions are always fulfilled in order to completely rule out irreversible damage to your data.

The architecture of Patroni is such that every PostgreSQL instance is accompanied by a designated Patroni instance that monitors and controls it.

Patroni Stack

Do you want to learn more about Replication and Patroni? Read our Blog-Series.

Professional help

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