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I think I first touched PostgreSQL in 1998 or 1999. It has been a long time, but PostgreSQL keeps inspiring me. I still keep finding cool features which have most likely been around for 15 years or more. Recently, I noticed by coincidence that psql can produce perfect LaTeX code. How cool is that? It's so cool that I decided to share my happiness with people reading my blog.

Here's some test data:

Making psql produce LaTeX is really simple:

From now on the output will be returned in LaTeX format:

This is even true for backslash commands:

PostgreSQL can also produce a variety of other formats, which might be useful to some people: aligned, asciidoc, html, latex, latex-longtable, troff-ms, unaligned, and wrapped.

Find out more about cool psql tricks - read Julian Markwort's blog about using psql to automate repeated tasks: gexec in psql for poweruser practice.

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Xuân Xuân
Xuân Xuân
3 years ago

where is the tools?

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