Are you using PostgreSQL as database backend for your product? Then we have the ideal solution to save you and your customers from database problems.

PostgreSQL is increasingly being used as database for software and hardware solutions. Once they are sold to the customer, you are often left with the question how to offer a thoroughly satisfactory SLA. This is where we come in. Besides our classical PostgreSQL Enterprise Support we also offer the option to support your customer directly or indirectly.


  • You are offering SaaS (Software as a Service) with a PostgreSQL backend: We take care of the PostgreSQL databases at your site, even if they have been installed by a customer
  • Your software is running at the customer site: We are happy to either offer support as direct contact for the database related questions of your customer, or we provide third-level support for your customer support service
  • You are selling hardware that uses PostgreSQL (e.g. medical equipment, robotics, smart technology): here too we are happy to provide support to your customer or your own support team
  • Your company offers interfaces (APIs) between software and PostgreSQL: We are the reliable partner for you and your customers

PostgreSQL product- and 3rd level support

It may be that your own database team has good basic knowledge about PostgreSQL (e.g. through our PostgreSQL courses), but you need to provide 24/7 support to meet your SLA. Or your customers want to have you, the vendor, as a single point of contact for service requests. Then we are there as your third-level support, invisible to your customers. Of course this also applies if your product is e.g. resold by others. Everything is possible.

Big enterprises prefer direct communication with the support provider? No problem! We as your partner take over the complete PostgreSQL support for your customer and make sure that the your product’s database is up and running.

Professional PostgreSQL product support and third-level support for you and your customers

Benefit from our comprehensive support services:

  • professional 24×7 support via
    • telephone / hotline
    • email
    • trouble ticket system
  • direct support to your customers or indirect third-level support via your support team
  • offer your customers a perfect SLA

Professional help

Contact us today for your personal offering. We offer you fast delivery, professional work and years of PostgreSQL experience.

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