Software developers building applications want to focus on application development – CYBERTEC will make sure that the database just works and offers good performance. To take load from database servers, we offer special PostgreSQL support packages especially optimized for programmers and software architects.

No matter whether you are writing you app or websites in C/C++, Go (golang), Java, Python, .Net or any other language – we will be here to ensure speedy database access.

Making SQL development faster

Improve your SQL skills and improve the speed of your applications. Our team of skilled SQL experts will guide you through your project and deliver ad-hoc advice to write better and more efficient SQL.


  • Review and improve database
  • Provide recommendations to do SQL query tuning
  • Help to avoid common pitfalls
  • Come up with a clever VACUUM strategy
  • Help to configure postgresql.conf
  • Tell you about modern SQL (windowing functions, analytics, etc.)

You can benefit from our expertise in the field by enjoying:

  • fewer application bugs
  • higher throughput
  • better database scalability
  • improved end user experience

PostgreSQL bugfixes

Fixing Performance Bottlenecks

Detecting performance bottlenecks sooner

Are you afraid of delivering a bad application to your end customer? CYBERTEC will ensure peak performance at any time and point out potential scalability problems and path the way to scale PostgreSQL.
Given a tight feedback loop CYBERTEC can stay in touch with your developers and point at problems instantly to detect future trouble as soon as possible.

PostgreSQL training services

Do you want to bring software developers up to speed? Our trainers offer in depth knowledge and superior expertise.

Check out our training courses.

CYBERTEC also offers on-site trainings directly at your office.

Special support for Java developers

In the past couple of years many enterprise applications (especially web applications) have been written in Java and are based on J2EE, Hibernate, Spring, or some other Java framework or ORM.

Experience has shown that many of those applications are suffering from performance problems due to bad ORM mapping or due to inefficiently generated queries.

We offer:

  • Performance tuning for Java based PostgreSQL applications
  • Improved ORM mapping
  • Bottleneck detection
  • JDBC optimization

Our special PostgreSQL packages for Java developers are flexible and adjusted to your needs.

PostgreSQL Support Packs

Expert support services for Python developers

Python is a popular language and often used in combination with PostgreSQL. The following frameworks and interfaces are popular:

  • psycopg2
  • Django

If you are a Python developer we provide professional support for you.
Contact our competent sales team and learn how we can support you.

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node.js and Javascript

As Javascript is becoming more and more popular, node.js is one of the raising stars in the web community. Many PostgreSQL driven applications are built on Javascript and node.js. We developers can enjoy the power of PostgreSQL.

Our support packages for Javascript developers help to:

  • Scale our node.js applications
  • Provide containers for PostgreSQL
  • Optimize SQL statements
  • Detect database bottlenecks early on

Professional PostgreSQL support for developers

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